The Airfield Flyer

The Airfield Flyer May 2013

In this May issue of The Flyer, President Vaught informs members about the next pistol class; discusses the increase of activities on the range; encourages members to join the ASC Board; celebrates the new gun control loss; reports a theft; and talks politics.There is also an article about our stolen Potty!

The Airfield Flyer April 2013

           In this edition of The Flyer, you will find President Vaught’s update on political votes, results and recommendations.  For the first time, I have included some of the April 2013 Pin Match results.  I encourage you to join the Pin Matches on the 1st Saturday of each month.  Also, for the first time, there is a Product Review written by a lady for the ladies.  Hope you enjoy!!!


The Airfield Flyer March 2013

In this edition of The Flyer, you will find President Vaught’s update on range improvements, a new Sunday restriction, shooting events on the calendar and a message on political involvement.Spring is upon us. That also means that ASC renewals are being sent out to all members. Fill them out and send them back in! You can then enjoy the new bathrooms that your money built for a whole new year. They are nice! (See article on pg.

The Airfield Flyer October 2012

 Vote to protect your rights or the results may be... SCARY !!!

           In this edition of The Flyer, you will find President Vaught’s urgings to get all of you to the polls in November.  It is important to vote for the candidates that best protect your rights including your gun rights.  As my article title above implies, the wrong election result may mean a HORROR STORY for our Second Amendment rights.  Don’t be TRICKED by the lack of gun regulations during the last four years!

The Airfield Flyer September 2012

     September ushers in Fall.  Many shooting activities will be in full swing through the Fall months such as Pin Matches, Service Rifle Matches, National Skeet Shooting Assoc. competitions, etc.  I recommend that all of you come out and participate in ASC sponsored events to get to know the other like-minded folks that also call the ASC their Club.

The Airfield Flyer August 2012

ASC Elections were held on July 21 at the ASC Member Meeting Breakfast. Election results: Richard Vaught returns as ASC President; Ray Covington is new VP; Kerry Johnson returns temporarily (until 2013) as Treasurer; Dave Joyner returns as XO; Mike Bromley is new Chief Instructor; Jim Cofer returns as Shotgun Director; Greg Szalkowski is back as Webmaster; I have been elected to the Newsletter Editor position; and retuning as Directors are Charlie Daniels, John Zupka, Carol Smeltzer & Gary Peroni.

The Airfield Flyer July 2012

ASC Elections are in July !!!  The ASC Board of Director’s annual elections will be held on Saturday, July 21, 2012, in the Gray Building dining hall.  The ASC pays for all ASC members’ breakfasts, and it starts at 9:30 a.m.  Plan to get there early to mingle with other ASC members and with the current, past and future ASC directors.  I hope all of you had a festive but safe July 4th !  This edition of the ASC Newsletter has articles about last months Women on Target, the Results of the June Skeet Fun Shoot, and many more interesting articles.  My favorite article is the J

The Airfield Flyer June 2012

 This issue of the ASC newsletter is a little late, because I wanted to be sure that we included a few pictures from the Women on Target (WOT) program held on June 9.  A full article with more pictures will be included in a future edition of the ASC newsletter.  WOT was a success!  Great job to all! - Tim Drewry