Zombie Pin Match Results

The zombie bowling pins were out in full force at the range, but our skilled shooters defended our club against the onslaught of this menace. There was a nice turnout of nearly a score of shooters for the match. The weather was quite mild and despite all of the rain from Sandy, the range floor was firm and dry. No one shooter dominated the match this month and we had a large number of shooters who shot all five categories. Thanks to all of the participants for coming out. Our last match of the year will be December 1st. Remember, we do not shoot in January or February because the cold weather causes the pins to shatter so the December match will be you last opportunity to bust pins until spring.


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Courtney Bolze4.355.144.226.6920.44.22
2Paul Ruffle6.139.427.749.2832.57
3Charlie Daniels8.
4Dennis Bondi11.6310.610.517.3340.07
5Steven Gordon9.374.33259.6648.36
6Bill Lewis4.922510.519.149.53
7Art Schoner9.025.889.912549.81
8Matt Vanella11.057.17555.5978.81
9Fieldling Lewis659.834.874.7484.44
1Paul Ruffle10.315.367.557.831.025.36
2Fieldling Lewis5.886.449.3511.9833.65
3Steven Gordon12.4210.1111.292558.82
4Dennis Bondi8.128.0910.593561.8
5Bill Lewis3512.8812.159.3769.4
6Matt Vanella11.0714.26353595.33
7Courtney Bolze8.6452525103.6
8Charlie Daniels45252525120
9Elizabeth Pasieczny35253545140
NFSCraig Myers35354545160
10Art Schoner25554555180
11Craig Myers35454555180
1Matthew Babb5.568.217.269.7930.825.56
2Dennis Bondi8.739.187.310.8236.03
3Courtney Bolze9.448.546.9311.6436.55
4Steven Gordon10.058.9310.8113.0142.8
5Paul Ruffle11.1529.222547.37
6Charlie Daniels12.14252514.7676.9
7Art Schoner13.4435252598.44
8Bill Lewis12.6912.624535105.31
9Fieldling Lewis5511.932535126.93
NFSMatthew Babb2555554.85139.85
10Chuck Dugle12.61454565167.61
11Matt Vanella55353545170
12Bruno Gora45456525180
NFSChuck Dugle75752514.99189.99
NFSBruno Gora45453575200
13Dee Gora35455565200
14Kerry Johnson65753555230
NFSDee Gora25658575250
NFSJenny Dugle75958585340
15Jenny Dugle95858595360
1Bill Lewis11.277.2611.979.4639.96
2Courtney Bolze12.958.89256.0452.886.04
3Steven Gordon10.747.362511.9455.04
4Fieldling Lewis8.42256.342564.76
5Charlie Daniels258.258.252566.5
6Paul Ruffle9.3225358.4677.78
7Art Schoner8.8110.31254589.12
8Dennis Bondi8.8535252593.85
9Matt Vanella35255545160
1Courtney Bolze6.75.787.148.7928.41
2Dennis Bondi10.3710.218.899.6639.13
3Fieldling Lewis5.79354.057.452.244.05
4Matt Vanella10.113512.27.5764.88
5Paul Ruffle25358.088.4876.56
6Art Schoner9.72511.234590.93
7Steven Gordon13.6845356.7100.38
8Bill Lewis35554535170
9Charlie Daniels35656511.35176.35
5 Gun Aggregate
1Courtney Bolze20.4103.636.5552.8828.41241.84
2Paul Ruffle32.5731.0247.3777.7876.56265.3
3Dennis Bondi40.0761.836.0393.8539.13270.88
4Steven Gordon48.3658.8242.855.04100.38305.4
5Fieldling Lewis84.4433.65126.9364.7652.24362.02
6Bill Lewis49.5369.4105.3139.96170434.2
7Charlie Daniels35.2812076.966.5176.35475.03
8Art Schoner49.8118098.4489.1290.93508.3
9Matt Vanella78.8195.3317016064.88569.02