Women on Target Results June 2011


The day began with temperatures around 70 as 37 ladies, looking forward to the day’s events, signed in.

Checking In


All gathered round for a safety briefing and introduction to the volunteer instructors. The ladies were told that they would rotate through four shooting disciplines: pistol, rifle, shotgun and archery with an opportunity to sample each discipline. The ladies divided into four groups and set out for their first discipline of the day.




At the first discipline of the day, eye dominance was checked.









                                                      The basics of marksmanship were explained.









Proper shooting form was demonstrated.









Because shotgun shooting is so different from rifle and pistol shooting, the ladies started by simply pointing.









Then they proceeded to break some targets.









                                                              Meanwhile, others were launching arrows…









… and shooting at steel…









                                                                           … and shooting at other things.









Shooting-related discussions continued through a wonderful lunch served up by the Airfield 4-H Center.









                                                                   After lunch there was more shooting.









When the gunsmoke had cleared certificates were awarded, handshakes and smiles were exchanged. 

Awarding Certificates



                       A group photo was taken so that we'd remember this marvelous day.












What a wonderful group of ladies!. We truly had fun and look forward to another Women on Target event next year.



Many more great photos of the event can be found at the following links:



Photos courtesy of Sailorcurt, Captain of a Crew of One  and Wayne Spencer.


UPDATE!  Curtis Stone has edited a short video and has posted it on You Tube. 


Click here to view.