Volunteers needed for the upcoming Hampton (19-20 Jan) and Norfolk (26-27 Jan) gun shows. 

As a reminder, for Hampton and Virginia Beach shows (SGK) volunteers are needed to work the full day and arrive prior to the show opening so they can get their hands stamped. If you can work the full day, assistance will be appreciated,,, Only for the Norfolk shows can we break the hours into shifts, 


HAMPTON 19-20 JAN: 3 or 4 volunteers needed for each day:

9-5pm Saturday the 19th ,

10-4pm on Sunday the 20th.

Volunteers need to arrive prior to the show's opening. 


NORFOLK 26-27 JAN: 3 or 4 volunteers need for each shift:

 9-1pm or 1-5pm on Saturday the 26th

10-1pm  or 1-5pm on Sunday the 27th.  

For the Norfolk shows we'll be out in the lobby giving free admission to the show for each NRA Sign-up.


If you can assist, please contact Andy Romano romanoa@cox.net or call 757 328 4464 (please leave message) 


Remaining Gun Shows thru Jul 2013: 

16-17 FEB Virginia Beach 

22-24 MAR Hampton 

27-28 APR Virginia Beach 

13-14 JUL Hampton