Service Rifle & Zombie Rifle Match

Range Status: 

  • Event will take place on the on the 100 Meter Range.
  • Check-in will begin at 8:30 AM with Safety brief and Start at 9:00 AM.
  • Match fee is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members.

1. Competition would be open to five categories of participants;

a.    “Classic” military rifles (e.g. M1/M1A/FN-FAL: WWII and Korea era Vintage, 1930-1965)

b.    “Classic Bolt” (e.g. M1903, Mosin-Nagant, Mauser)

c.     Modern Sporting Rifle (e.g. AR-15/Mini-14/AK-47/SKS/M1A; Post Vietnam (1975-current)

d.    Modern Optics Class Semi-Automatic (e.g AR-15 with optics/Remington 750 Woodmaster with scope, etc.)

e.    Optics Class Bolt (e.g. Remington 700/Mossberg MVP)

2.     Stages of Fire:

a.    There are four, timed stages of fire which incorporate different types of silhouette targets. The competition will be conducted on the 100-yard range.

b.    There can still be relays which continue to employ the NRA SR-1 targets for the tradition match run under CMP rules. The “Zombie” match would be run with the same safety standards, only using a modified score card and different target array (see scorecard).

c.     There are four stages of fire for this event:

        i.     1st Stage: Participants have 10 minutes to engage three 50-meter half silhouettes with 15 rounds—5 rounds standing; 5 rounds kneeling; 5 rounds sitting. Participants who have physical limitations will be accommodated by the Range Safety Officer (RSO) offering an alternative course of fire.

        ii.     2nd Stage: Participants will have 60 seconds to engage a 50-meter half silhouette with a total of ten rounds in a sitting rapid fire. This will require a reload during the course of fire.

        iii.     3rd Stage: Participants will have 60 seconds (which includes a reload) to fire 10 rounds in the prone rapid fire. A 50-meter silhouette will be used.

        iv.     In Stage 2 and 3; individuals will be instructed to load one magazine into their rifle (semi-automatic) or magazine well of their rifles leaving the bolts to the rear (no rounds will be chambered). Upon the command of the RSO “Targets”, the participants will load their rifle and commence firing until time or ammunition is expended.

        v.     All participants, whether shooting bolt or semi-automatic actions will have the same allotted time (zombies have been known to rush at you, so you’ll have to be ready regardless of the rifle you have…)

        vi.     4th Stage: In the final stage of fire, participants will be shooting from the prone position. They will have 5 minutes to engage in slow fire, one 250-meter silhouette target. They can use the sling for support, but no other item (e.g. sandbag, bipod, etc.). After the last stage is fired, the RSO will call “CEASE FIRE, UNLOAD AND SHOW CLEAR.” All individuals will insert a Clear Bore Indicator/Empty Chamber Indicator (CBI/ECI—if you don’t have one, the RSO will provide one on the range). Once the line is declared “COLD” by the RSO, participants will go down range to retrieve and/or post targets, pick up brass at the firing line, remove equipment and prepare for the next relay.

d.   Results of the “Zombie Match” will be posted on the ASC website, along with Service Rifle Results.

ASC “Service Rifle” match follows the guidelines outlined in the current CMP “Competition Rules for Service Rifle and Service Pistol”
(19th Edition—2014-2015—specifically sections 6.0 Firearms, Ammunition and Equipment).

So if you’re a U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30, M1; U.S. Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm NATO (.308 Win), M14 [civilian version Springfield M1A]; or U.S. Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16 [civilian version full size AR-15], you’ll feel right a home on the range shooting the SR-1, and using a modified version of Annex-A—Highpower Rifle Firing Procedures.

The ASC monthly event is run in accordance with modified CMP rules, but is not a sanctioned (e.g. record fire for CMP) event. Those wishing to gain practice for the annual Eastern CMP Games held at Camp Butner, North Carolina, will find great practice and preparation at the ASC event each month