Service Rifle & Zombie Match Results (December 2014)

Greg Metzgar's picture


 With the temperatures at freezing levels, a dedicated band of brothers showed up at the Airfield Shooting Club on 13 December 2014 to practice their shooting skills. The thick coat of frosted quickly melted away as the warm barrels kept hands toasty as six Service Rifle participants competed.  


The Service Rifle match will kick back off its new shooting year on 10 January 2015. It will continue to be conducted on the second Saturday of the month, and registration starts at 8:30am with the first relay being conducted at 9am (after the range safety and orientation briefs). 



 On Saturday, 13 December 2014 the Airfield Shooting Club conducted its second “Zombie Match” of the year. There were seven participants. As proposed to the ASC Board of Directors, this event will continue until February 2015 on a “trial basis.” 


However, with just two months of events being tracked, the Zombie Match appears to be well accepted by our participants, with many shooters competing in the Service Rifle, followed by using another rifle to shoot the classes of the Zombie Match. 

Match Results: 

Dale Mullin2601 XM1 Garand
Charles Boolba2581 XNo. 1 MKIII .303 Enfield
Cortney Bolze2541 XM1903A3
Greg Metzgar2340 XM1 Garand
*Gary Scholl2241 XAR Carbine
Michael Lawler2110 XM91/30 Mosin Nagant
Charles Boolba26Classic
*Nicholas Kurtz28Classic Bolt
Greg Metzgar30Modern
Barton Metzgar14Modern
Dale Mullin57Modern Optics Class Semi-Auto
*Gary Scholl28Modern Optics Class Semi-Auto
Courtney Bolze39Optics Class Bolt