Service Rifle Match Results June 2014

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You could not ask for a more perfect summer day—temperature just right, bright and sunny, with the range pretty much dried for the rain the day before. The 14 June Service Rifle Match had a record breaking crowd, actually having to run three relays of shooters. All in all, a total of ten participants showed up to shoot a wide range of vintage and modern military sporting rifles. There were several “guests” of ASC members who were on hand to participate and observe the match. We also had some new ASC members participating.

The event raised a total of $65.00 for the ASC, as well as potentially recruiting some new club members to our ranks. A special thanks to Jim Slee who assisted in running relays, so the Match Director (Greg Metzgar) could get his turn to shoot.The next match will occur on 12 July, so mark your calendars. We challenge ASC members to not only show up, but also bring a friend to shoot with you. Remember, that the more people who come out and learn to enjoy shooting will be more supportive to our Second Amendment rights when they see and experience how safe and fun it can be! In response to ASC member Dale Mullin’s challenge in May, “Notice how many M1903A3s were used. One might ask what happened to the Garands? Chances are that they're just taking a break and will be back again in force next month.” We are happy to report back to Dale, the M1 Garand did make a robust comeback this month, but the M1903s, and other bolt action rifles are still pretty popular. We missed you Dale!           

The Service Rifle match continues to be conducted on the second Saturday of the month, and registration starts at 8:30am with the first relay being conducted at 9am (after the range safety and orientation briefs). The June 2014 results are listed below.

Match Results: 

NameScoreXRifleASC Member
Bill Keplesky2380M1 GarandYes
Courtney Bolze2311M1903A3Yes
Bill Keplesky2280M1903A3Yes
Greg Szalkowski2273M1903A3Yes
Greg Metzgar2211M1 GarandYes
Jim Slee2151M1 GarandYes
Michael Lawler1990M91/30 Mosin NagantYes
Blazar Lannon1904AR-15 (With Optics)No
Michael Lannon1472M1 GarandNo