Service Rifle Match Results - July 13 2013

The July Military “As issued” Service Rifle Match was held this past Saturday..

It was an over cast, hot and humid day, with some showers. But our shooters braved it and shot on...


The M1 Garand ruled the day followed by a US M1903A3 and the good old Russian M91/30

5 shooters total and 1 new one.. Thanks to all for coming out.

Scores below.


Match Results: 

PlaceCompetitorTotal ScoreX'sRifleCaliberNotes
1Bill Keplesky2466M1 Garand.30-06
2Courtney Bolze2412M1 Garand.30-06
3Jim Slee1963M1903a3.30-06
4Mike Lawler1860M91/30 Mosin-Nagant7.62x54r
5Ray Forrester430M1 Garand.30-06