Service Rifle Match Results - 8th June 2013 - Weathering the Storm

Service Rifle — Weathering the Storm

By Greg Metzgar

           The 8 June 2013 Service Rifle monthly event at the Airfield Shooting Club was certainly not for the faint of heart. With Tropical Storm Andrea bearing down on the Hampton Roads area, many stayed at home and out of the rain. But those of us who love our service rifles would not let anything stand in our way—besides, if our M1 Garand could talk to us, they can probably tell us stories of more severe weather they have encountered as they traveled through Europe, Asia, and Korea, or trained in stateside posts with the “Band of Brothers.”


           This month there were seven shooters who participated, which included some unique participants. We were joined by one of our ASC lady shooters shooting her M1, along with one of our teens from the Swamp Shooters—who showed us his excellent coaching/learning by beating his dad! All said it was a great day of shooting for everyone. It did not rain until we were safely completed.


           The final results of the June Service Rifle event shows that everyone’s skills are improving:

1. Dale Mullin                     M1 Garand                         263

2. Barton Metzgar              M1 Garand                         242

3. James Slee                    M-1903A3                          214

4. Courtney Bolze              M1 Garand                        217    

5. Greg Metzgar                M1 Garand                         212

6. Michael Lawler              M91/30 Mosin Nagant       175

7. Kerry Johnson               M1 Garand                        131


           We did have an interesting question this month from one of the shooters who wandered our way from the 50-yard range. He asked if he could bring out his “tricked out” AR-15 despite the fact it does not meet the Service Rifle criteria outlined by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) rule book. The answer is YES, so come join us and see if you can compete with its older brothers! We can accommodate the “black rifles” and would love to have more folks to shoot their high powers with us. So plan on coming out this month and shooting—come rain, sleet, or shine!


Match Results: 

PlaceCompetitorTotal ScoreX'sRifleCaliberNotes
1Dale Mullin263M1 Garand
2Barton Metzgar242M1 Garand
3James Slee214M-1903A3
4Courtney Bolze217M1 Garand
5Greg Metzgar212M1 Garand
6Michael Lawler175M91/30 Mosin Nagant
7Kerry Johnson131M1 Garand