Service Rifle Match Results 14 July 2012


The return of the Airfield Shooting Club Military Matches is now official and the "As Issued" Military Rifle Match fired this past Saturday on July 14th was a total success. There were 6 shooters on site testing their skills with battle rifles from a bygone era, proving these rifles are still able to deliver the goods in the 21st century. Vintage U.S. Military rifles were by far the most popular rifles present, but there were 2 Mosin Nagants on the line and it was great to see these old warhorses come to life!


The CMP match the shooters fired consisted of 35 rounds at 100 yards on the reduced 200 yard CMP target. To start things off, 5 rounds are fired prone for the purpose getting the rifle sighted in. After sighting in, 30 rounds are fired for score, the first stage being the 10 round Prone Slow Fire, fired in a time limit of 10 minutes. Next is the 10 Round Rapid Fire Stage, fired prone in a time limit of 80 seconds with a reload during that 80 second time period. Last is the Standing Unsupported, with 10 rounds fired in 10 minutes.


After the shoot was over, Club President Richard Vaught broke out a Russian AK 47 and some ammunition so that some of the shooters could try it out. Some other Military guns available for hands on were a WWI era M1903 Springfield, a German K98 WWII Mauser, a C96 "Broomhandle" Mauser pistol and 2 P35 Browning Hi-Power pistols.


Plan on being there for the next match, no matter if you are an experienced match shooter or a beginner, this match has something to offer for everyone!


Match Results: 

Charles BoolbaM1 Garand2625
Dale MullinM1 Garand2332
Greg MetzgarSpringfield M1A2211
Barton MetzgarAR-152153
Mike LawlerMosin Nagant 7.62R2041
Kevin CoersMosin Nagant 7.62R640