Service Rifle Match Results 12 January 2013

The January "As Issued" Service Rifle Match was a great time! 6 shooters competed using a variety of WWII and Cold War era rifles with the oldest rifle present being a Russian Model 91/30 "3 Line" Mosin Nagant. There were also 3 WWII M1 Garands, a 1950's Belgian FN FAL and a full blown match grade AR15 that competed against itself in the "Unlimited" Class.

Items available for hands on evaluation after the match were a mint conditioned Model 1907 Winchester .351 semi automatic rifle, a North American Arms stainless steel mini revolver in .17 HMR and a nicely made and well thought out inside the waistband concealment holster that is held in place and retained due to friction created by the material used in it's construction.

I know a lot of people think about coming to a match, and really, there's no reason not to come! The atmosphere of this shoot is accommodating and friendly, and nobody is ever treated like "the new guy" - this is a shoot where everyone fits in. If you want some information, or even some extra instruction, there are plenty of qualified people willing to serve. We realize that some shooters are unable to assume the different positions required for the match. If any shooter has trouble shooting from the prone or standing position, or maybe they just want to get more comfortable with using a particular rifle, they may fire the course sitting at a shooting bench.

Remember, you don't have to be experienced at service rifle competition to shoot in our As Issued Service Rifle Match,  just be safe!


Match Results: 

PlaceCompetitorTotal ScoreX'sRifleCaliberNotes
1Bill Keplesky2292xM1 Garand.30-06
2Michael Lawler2080xM91/30 Mosin-Nagant 7.62x54r
3Courtney Bolze2071xM1 Garand .30-06
4Jim Slee1720xM1 Garand .30-06
1Brian Turlingate28312xMatch Grade AR150.223Unlimited Class
n/aCharles Boolba2731xFN FAL7.62 NATOMatch Director (Out of Competition)