Service Rifle Match October 2014

Greg Metzgar's picture

Despite the rainy weather which moved through the Hampton Roads area late Friday night, the October Service Rifle Match was well attended, drawing seven participants and raising $40.00 for the club. One non-member also participated and commented afterwards that he really liked the set-up that the ASC provides.

A big thanks to Michael Lawler and Chuck Allard. Michael took time and resources to make lane numbers which greatly assisted the competitors to keep track of their frame. The removal of the fence at the left of the 100-yard firing line allows one more position to fire from, greatly speeding up the relays.

Match Results: 

Cortney Bolze2642 XM1903A3
Michael Lawler2371 XM91/30 MOSIN NAGANT
Greg Metzgar2321 XM1 GARAND
Bill Kepleshy2242 XM1 GARAND
Manfred Ziege2163 XSWISS K31 7.5
James Slee2012 XM1 GARAND
Michael Lannon1700 XM1 GARAND