Service Rifle Match April 2014 Results

Greg Metzgar's picture

It was a beautiful April day with a slight breeze on the range to come and hear the big-bore military rifles roar. This month only had three shooters showing up...perhaps because of Spring Break going on. With the weather warming up, plan on coming out and shooting a round or two to knock the winter dust off of those carbines and rifles.

 The  Service  Rifle  match  continues  to  be  conducted  on  the  second  Saturday  of  the  month,  and   registration  starts  at  8:30am  with  the  first  relay  being  conducted  at  9am  (after  the  range  safety  and   orientation  briefs).  

Match Results: 

ParticipantRifleScoreTotal X hits
Bill KepleskyM1903A3 Springfield2280
Courtney BolzeM1903A3 Springfield2252
Greg MetzgarM1A Springfield1911