Service Rifle August 2016 Match Results

Greg Metzgar's picture

Despite the heat index rising into the 100+ degree range, and the humidity being thick enough to cut with a knife, there were eight participants who made it to the range to shoot. Some great scores were turned in, and a good time was had by all. If you've not come to one of the Service Rifle or Zombie Matches we hold on the second Saturday of the month, it's time to mark your calendar and shake the dust off of that high power that you have sitting around. Remember, "Use them or Loose them." It might be fun to see is you can hit one or more vaunted "X" rings at a 100-yards. Let's see if you can! Our next match is scheduled for 10 September 2016.

Match Results: 

Bill Keplesky2420 XCMP TraditionalMember
Vince Johnston2232 XCMP TraditionalMember
Chrles Boolba2231 XCMP TraditionalMember
Courtney Bolze2182 XCMP TraditionalMember
Greg Metzgar2070 XCMP TraditionalMember
Michael Lawler1970 XCMP TraditionalMember
Jonathan Peterson1710 XCMP TraditionalNon-Member