Service Rifle and Zombie Match Results for November 2014

Greg Metzgar's picture

Saturday 8 November 2014 was a busy day for the Airfield Shooting Club. The nice fall weather, combined with Boy Scouts and ASC Service and Zombie Match shooters had the parking lot and ranges congested. With 100+ personnel on the range, it was a great day of shooting and more importantly, a VERY SAFE day of shooting.

The debut of the “Zombie Match” was very successful, having 10 participants executing the challenging course of fire (CoF) in the five various categories. Given that this was the first time

executing this new CoF, there were some “teachable moments”—such as adjusting the firing line forward so that participants did not have to shoot under the rails on the 100-yard line. As

expected, a wide variety of rifles were seen—ranging in calibers and models. One individual brought three teenage “zombie hunters” out to

practice their survival skills for the apocalypse.

Match Results: 

Charles Boolba262 / 2XCharles Boolba51Classic
Manfred Ziege247 / 1XBill Keplesky34Classic
Bill Keplesky242 / 0XIan Goodhard27Classic Bolt
Courtney Bolze241 / 2 XMike Lawler26Classic Bolt
Ian Goodhard206 / 0XManfred Ziege42Optics Class Bolt
Mike Lawler198 / 2XGreg Metzgar26Optics Class Bolt
Katie Brandon7Modern Optics Class Semi-Auto
Tim Brandon4Modern Optics Class Semi-Auto
Courtney Bolze22Modern