Range Sign-in Log


Our range sign in logs serve many purposes. One of those purposes is to keep track of the amount of lead deposited on the range. We have to add lime and phosphates to the soil in order to prevent the lead from leaching out. We keep track of the soil Ph, rainfall amounts, and the amount of lead so that we may calculate the proper course of action according to soil manangment best practices.

The reason I bring this to your attention is that after looking at the logs for the past few months, many members are not annotating the amount of rounds fired. We ask that you add the approximate number of rounds, caliber, and the range to the logs when you sign out.

For example:

50rds-9mm-50m  for 50 rds of 9mm on the 50 meter range.

20rds-308-100m for 20 rds of 308 on the 100 meter range.

The Trap and Skeet ranges are based on the number of rounds fired and usually the key system is used to calculate.

The total amount of rounds fired can be an approximation as we do not need to account for every grain of lead but we do need to have accurate ball park figures. When these numbers are annotated in the log, the board can calculate a rough total amount of lead and then take the appropriate action. We thank you for your prompt attention and help in maintaining a safe and fun shooting environment.