November 2012 Events

The main purpose of our club is to promote safe and shooting education. In support of that goal we have a full calendar of events for our members in November.

Last Saturday our Zombie pin match was a great success and we were all saved from the zombie pin invasion thanks to the leadership of  Mr Gordon.

This Saturday coming up, the 10th, will be our monthly Service Rifle Match. Mr. Boolba is doing a superb job running these matches designed around as issued service rifles.

The service rifle match uses a relaxed version of the CMP competition rules so come out and have some fun. For members that may have a hard time getting into the prone position, Mr. Boolba offers a parallel bench match style event that essentially follows the same firing sequence.

The following Saturday, the 17th, will be our monthly Board Meeting where we will discuss the current state and the future focus of the club. Following the meeting Ken will be offering our montly Skeet fun shoot. Come on out and get in 50 birds towards your NSSA count and have some fun.

On the last weekend of the month Andy still needs some help manning the booth at the Hampton Gun Show. Drop Andy and email at if you can give him a hand that weekend.

We have heard many members ask about a practical pistol match or a three gun type of event. If any members(s) would like to step up and take charge of the matches please contact the board and we can go over the safety requirements and some ground rules and see if we can get some kind of event started.

The Board of Directors would like to thank all of the members that go the extra mile to make this club a better place for sharing the joy of shooting. We hope that you are enjoying the facilities and we look forward to the bathroom project being complete in the early Spring time frame. Please send an email to or drop by the forums on the website if you have any thoughts or suggestions.