NORFOLK GUN SHOW 03 – 04 NOV - Volunteers Needed



Volunteers needed for next weekend’s Norfolk Scope Gun Show 03 and 04 Nov 


Assistance needed all shifts (all day if you’re available)

03 Nov (Sat)    9-1 pm or 1-5pm

04 Nov (Sun) 10-1 pm or 1-5pm



If you can assist, please contact Andy Romano at or call (757) 328 4464


As previously promulgated, for SGK shows (Hampton & Virginia Beach) we are limited to no more then 4 volunteers each day. Volunteers will need to work the entire day (Sat 9-5) (Sun 10-4), and arrive prior to the show opening so they can be hand stamped.  In addition, whenever the show is sold out to paying vendors (we get our tables for free), we will be further limited to the NRA table only.


Remaining schedule through April 2013:


Nov 24-25  Hampton:   Sold Out.  NRA  table only. 3 full-day volunteers each day



Jan 19-20  Hampton:   Need 3-4 full-day volunteers for each day

Feb 16-17  Vir Beach:  Sold Out . NRA table only. 3 full-day volunteers each day

Feb 16-17  Norfolk:      Need 3-4 volunteers each shift.

         Sat 9-1pm or 1-5pm, Sun 10-1pm or 1-5pm, or all day

         (Conflicts with Virginia Beach Show)

Apr 27-28  Vir Beach:   Need 3-4 full-day volunteers for each day 


*The originally scheduled 30-31 Mar 2013 Hampton show is being rescheduled due it’s Easter weekend.