Mayday Mayhem Bowling Pin Match Results


Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday. And a special thanks so much for those of you who came early and stayed late to set up and tear down the match. I am so pleased that our match has grown and is so well supported by our club members. We had a record 24 shooters participate and had more attendees that were not able to shoot because we ran long. Our apologies to those of you who came out and didn’t get trigger time. There are some strategies for moving shooters through the match more quickly and we will pursue them if our numbers stay strong. Our results are listed below.I did not list five gun results on the chart because only two shooters completed all of the relays, but Paul Ruffle won that going away. Congratulations, Paul.

Just a reminder that we will not shoot pins in June so that the club can put on our Women On Target program. It is an excellent introduction to the shooting sports in a friendly all woman (shooter) environment.  This means that we will host our next match on the 4th of July. In honor of this match, I am announcing a free cookout after the match, courtesy of our most corpulent match director and associate adjunct assistant pin master.

Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Art Schoner4.084.486.633.5818.773.58
2Steven Gordon6.785.293.754.3320.15
3Paul Ruffle4.44712.744.1428.32
4Pete Easso10.0710.4910.155.1135.82
5William Lewis5.632510.138.4749.23
6Chris Covelt11.79253535106.79
7Jonathan Mongold65255510.49155.49
8Bradley Ulis65355545200.00
1Bradley Ulis11.4811.338.36.5137.62
2Brian Lewis11.88.977.1114.0741.95
3Frank Saunders10.816.12256.4448.37
4Steven Gordon13.0314.7514.957.0749.80
5Paul Ruffle5.129.9913.812553.925.12
6Olan Porter13.4910.52352584.01
7Art Schoner557.228.814.7485.76
8Jonathan Mongold459.472510.3589.82
9Pete Easso7.0235458.7595.77
NFSOlan Porter25352525110.00
NFSBrian Lewis11.34355512.36113.70
10Michael Cichorz35353525130.00
NFSBrian Lewis45352535140.00
11Martin Krebs14.33553545149.33
NFSOlan Porter45452535150.00
NFSOlan Porter45354555180.00
NFSPhil Terry55255545180.00
12Chris Covelt55656545230.00
13Phil Terry45556565230.00
1Mike Lawler6.347.178.578.330.386.34
2Frank Saunders7.738.348.0110.0734.15
3Paul Ruffle1113.827.16.6838.60
4William Lewis13.458.039.669.6540.79
5Brett Lewis2514.3510.963585.31
NFSBrett Lewis12.77254511.694.37
6Jonathan Mongold2512.81352597.81
7Tom Aston9.67256511.97111.64
8John Madrey55352525140.00
9Wendy Ruffle3513.444555148.44
10Luke Drylie65354514.02159.02
11Steven Keene25555525160.00
NFSMike Lawler6555357.12162.12
12Kenny Wontz55653535190.00
13Steven Gordon45455555200.00
14Everett Brazie55356555210.00
NFSEverett Brazie45854535210.00
15Bradley Ulis55757595300.00
NFSMike Lawler75857575310.00
1Tom Aston6.488.0610.075.9830.595.98
2Paul Ruffle259.648.59.0352.17
3Art Schoner10.3210.02252570.34
4Luke Drylie11.889.05252570.93
5William Lewis10.668.18254588.84
6Steven Gordon353514.1525109.15
7Chris Covelt35355512.49137.49
8Pete Easso35552535150.00
9Chris Covelt35454535160.00
1William Lewis11.1411.4611.4612.0546.11
Sub2Pete Easso13.158.5410.753567.44
Sub3Steven Gordon2512.0613.92575.96
Sub4Art Schoner10.4353512.8793.27
Sub5Paul Ruffle10.8345358.2199.048.21
Sub6Frank Saunders8.85452525103.85
Sub7Wendy Ruffle35355545170.00
Sub8Jonathan Mongold55453555190.00
Sub9Bradley Ulis55554545200.00