May 2014 Service Rifle Match Results

The day was warm and just a bit humid, but the sun was shining and the breeze wasn't too strong.  Pretty good conditions for a service rifle match.  Six shooters (all ASC members) came out to have fun exercising some nice old rifles.  Notice how many M1903A3s were used.  One might ask what happened to the Garands?  Chances are that they're just taking a break and will be back again in force next month.

 The  Service  Rifle  match  continues  to  be  conducted  on  the  second  Saturday  of  the  month,  and   registration  starts  at  8:30am  with  the  first  relay  being  conducted  at  9am  (after  the  range  safety  and   orientation  briefs).  


Match Results: 

ParticipantRifleScoreTotal X hits
Dale Mullin M1903A3 Springfield2624
Courtney BolzeM1903A3 Springfield2442
Bill KepleskyM1903A3 Springfield2404
Mike LawlerM1903A3 Springfield2342
Manfred ZiegeLjungman 6.5x552262
Mike LawlerMosin-Nagant1341