March Update

Greetings Airfield Members,

We are all looking forward to Spring and enjoying some shooting. The current political environment is very intense. We are all members of the NRA and we urge you to participate and contact your legislators with regards to our enjoyment of the shooting sports. As far as Airfield we have lots of informations to share and this month should probably have a Clint Eastwood theme, the Good, the Bad , and the Ugly.

The Good: the restrooms are now complete and open for service. The combination is the same as the one for the chain gate and printed on your membership card. Please clean up after yourself and treat these facilities like they are your own.

The Bad: Please clean up after yourself on the ranges. If the trash cans are full, please take the time to take the trash to the dumpster and place new liners in the bag. The other members do not enjoy cleaning up after you. On the 50 yd range there are three different sets of target holders. The short range berm has a different post hole dimension so that the other target holders will not fit. This was done on purpose, so if you are the member that placed the target holders in the following picture, you did the wrong thing. The 25yd target sholders are the tallest ones, the shorter target holders are for the 50yd position and the short range berm uses the short holders with the unique spacing.

The Ugly: Until further notice, the range is limited to 22 rimfire and 20 gauge shotgun only until noon on Sundays. From dawn until noon on Sundays, you may only fire 22 rimfire and 20 gauge shotgun. The club President will provide further details in future correspondence.