July 2014 Service Rifle Results

Greg Metzgar's picture

The Airfield Shooting Club (ASC) conducted its monthly Service Rifle Competition on 12 July 2014. This month had a record high for the year with 14  participants (12 turning in scores)—running four firing orders to get everyone through. One setback was the delayed starting time (9:30am) due to a wedding at the 4H Center that morning.                

This month’s event raised $85.00  for the ASC. We had several “guests” shooting this month, a couple of new ASC members participating, and two teens shooting with their dads…in on case, the son did better than dad!  The July event witnessed an eclectic group of modern sporting rifles on display, with rifles from Europe and the United States taking center stage. Unfortunately for one competitor, he had to pull out of the completion after the rapid fire portion with a broken extractor.                                                           

The Service Rifle match continues to be conducted on the second Saturday of the month, and registration starts at 8:30am with the first relay being conducted at 9am (after the range safety and orientation briefs). The March results are listed below.  A special thanks to Jim Slee (ASC #10) who assisted in running the third and fourth relays and Kerry Johnson (ASC #XXX), who was the RSO on the 50-yard line assisting two competitors to obtain a zero on their rifles before moving to the 100-yard firing line. 

Match Results: 

Cortney Bolze 2625XM1903A3
Barton Metzgar (Junior) 2584XAR-15
Dale Mullins2533XM1903A3
Greg Metzgar 2260XM1A
David Ethridge 2230XAR-15
Jim Slee 2221XM1 GARAND
Ryan Heard (Guest)2141XAR-15 CARBINE
Michael Lawler 2081XM91/30 MOSIN-NAGANT
Mike Lannon1842XM1 GARAND
William Dunbar 1460XAR-15
William Dunbar 1280XFN-FAL
Luke Heard (Junior/Guest) 1111XAR-15 CARBINE
Manfred Ziege(Malfunction)0XLJUNGMAN 6.5X55