January Update

Happy New Year Airfield Members,

Progress is being made on the restroom project and they are on schedule to be completed in early Spring.

Last month we had a LaPorte representative come out and tune up the Skeet machines. This month our indomitable XO is running electricity out to the trap house so we no longer need to use a charger to keep the batteries topped off.  Please be careful if you are out on the Trap or Skeet ranges as the the trench for the conduit will be open for a little while and we do not want to close the ranges to our members.

Next Saturday we have an opportunity for you to knock out your service hours. The XO is holding a working party to get the range cleaned up. The working party will start at 9AM on Saturday the 12th. Please give the XO a heads up if you plan on attending at xo@airfieldshootingclub.org. This would be a great time to knock out any remaining service hours you have. Remember the membership year expires in April and there will be a fee for any unfulfilled hours. One of the main purposes for service hours is for members to take ownership of the club and participate so come out and enjoy the fellowship while the making the club a better place. Bring any hand tools, rakes, weed eaters, shovels, or chainsaws. Dress for the weather and remember to stay hydrated.