Independence Day Bowling Pin Shoot Results

It was a fabulous old school day on the range for our July Bowling Pin Shoot. Thanks to all of our shooters who came out for the match and a cookout afterwards. Even the weather gods smiled on us, although it was rather warm. It was also a day of larger caliber dominance, with a Dessert Eagle in .50AE walloping the pins for first place in Major. Likwise, smaller diameter bullets struggled to keep up with the .45ACP for carbine, which pummeled the pins off the table. Leaving only one question to be asked. Does anyone know where I can get a .50AE carbine?

Next Match, Saturday August 1st. See you there


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Steven Gordon3.653.773.976.6418.033.65
2Dale Mullin7.989.836.99.4234.13
3Art Schoner5.776.724.932542.42
4Dennis Bondi6.35.77.652544.65
5Courtney Bolze258.949.355.348.59
6Zach Mazor65653545210.00
1Frank Sanders9.317.569.839.5536.25
2Dennis Bondi2510.8611.7512.159.71
3Courtney Bolze2513.2610.7514.2663.27
4Dale Mullin14.6325352599.63
5Bill Kaplesky35257.0645112.06
6Art Schoner9.75352545114.75
7Steven Gordon4514.573525119.57
8Chuck Allard25352545130.00
9Zach Mazor7.45554535142.45
NFSBill Kaplesky25355555170.00
10Jonathan Mengold6.23555555171.236.23
11Tim Cook65355565220.00
1Courtney Bolze7.568.279.9212.2538.007.56
2Tom Aston13.299.959.542557.78
3Art Schoner13.0213.95357.8269.79
4Dennis Bondi11.558.414510.8875.84
5Jonathan Mengold13.96354513.72107.68
6Chuck Allard35254525130.00
7Zach Mazor25552535140.00
8Mike Lawler35254535140.00
9Dale Mullin13.15355545148.15
10Tim Cook55353555180.00
11Steven Gordon55456535200.00
NFSMike Lawler75554555230.00
1Steven Gordon11.557.77259.4753.79
2Courtney Bolze2511.989.448.3154.73
3Dale Mullin7.179.19356.7558.116.75
4Art Schoner7.978.063511.1262.15
5Dennis Bondi257.58256.7764.35
6Tom Aston358.53258.3576.88
7Zach Mazor9.957.49352577.44
NFSBill Kaplesky2513.566.723580.28
8Bill Kaplesky35252535120.00
NFSArleya Ashburn55454545190.00
9Arleya Ashburn55555545210.00
1Mike Lawler6.4210.867.326.6631.26
2Dennis Bondi4.886.51356.8453.234.88
3Art Schoner2513.6314.2610.7963.68
4Steven Gordon3510.3112.9111.1769.39
5Courtney Bolze257.77252582.77
6Dale Mullin13.15253514.8788.02
7Zach Mazor7.0814.372565111.45
8Frank Sanders455514.725139.70
5 Gun AggregateCarbineMajorMinorRevolverSubTotal
1Courtney Bolze48.5963.273854.7382.77287.36
2Dennis Bondi44.6559.7175.8464.3553.23297.78
3Art Schoner42.42114.7569.7962.1563.68352.79
4Dale Mullin34.1399.63148.1558.1188.02428.04
5Steven Gordon18.03119.5720053.7969.39460.78
6Zach Mazor210142.4514077.44111.45681.34