IDPA Style Demonstration Match

ASC will hold an Action Shooting Demonstration / IDPA-oriented / Orientation Fun Match to allow up to 20 club members an opportunity to shoot this format.
It will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013, at 12pm, shooting will start about 2pm, on the 50 yd range. The match is open to all semi-automatic pistols and revolvers shooters. This style of shooting involves "stages" (Courses of Fire) that require the shooter to engage multiple target accurately and but also quickly.  Each shooter is timed, the best score reflects a combined skill set of both fast shooting and accurate shooting. No prior experience is required and all club member are invited out to either participate or watch the event.<!--break-->


The match will generally follow the rules of the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA, but with equipment requirements waived. This means that the match will be open to any ASC member with a semi-automatic pistol or revolver that can be / is intended to be holstered and holds at least five cartridges. This style shooting is not intended for single or dual shot handguns as most stages will require 12-18 rounds be shot. Any ASC approved caliber is allowed. See "Equipment" below for additional requirements.

Sign up, set up, and shooting:

To sign up contact Mike Bromley ( )(first come first in)

The first 20 shooters to sign up will be added to the match roster; remaining shooters will be added to a wait list. If a confirmed shooter cannot participate, please contact Mike so that the slot can be made available to the next shooter on the wait list. Setup on the 50 yard range will begin at 12 noon followed by the shooters' orientation and safety brief at 1:30 pm. All shooters need to be present for the safety briefing/new shooters' introduction.  Shooting will begin at 2 pm.

Volunteers to help with setup starting at noon would be most appreciated so please come out. This will also give you a chance to learn about stage sets and procedures.


If you own them, bring: a holster, a two-magazine size holder(s), and at least three magazines or four speed loaders/moon clips and holder. Plan for about 100 rounds of ammo and bring some extra to allow for re-shoots if necessary. A holster and spare ammunition (magazine/speed load) carrier is recommended as shooting will be "draw from the holster."

  • If you do NOT have a holster you may start from the "low ready" position.
  • If you do NOT have a spare magazine/speed loader carrier you may store ammunition in a (coat, shirt, etc.) pocket.
  • If you do NOT have speed loaders or moon clips; you may store loose ammunition in a pocket.
  • If you do NOT own a holster, you MUST bring a case to transport your firearm onto the 50 yard range to and from the firing line area.

Cold Range Standard:

As is standard practice for this type shooting; for the duration of the match including setup, the 50 yard range will be considered a COLD RANGE. There will be NO handling of uncased / un-holstered firearms on the 50 yard range.  Handling, loading of firearms, and shooting will only occur under the immediate and direct supervision of one of the match Safety Officers. We will use a one-to-one / shooter-to-Safety Officer process for the match. We will brief Safe Areas "handling" procedures to cover areas for equipment checks, warm up, etc.

The match fee will be $5. Please bring correct change if possible.

Misc information:

We will be shooting forward of the 50 yd line, so please make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen and snacks if needed, and perhaps a camping chair if you want to rest between stages.

For any questions, please contact:

Mike Bromley

Send me an Email to add your name to the list (first come first in)