HAMPTON GUN SHOW 13-14 OCT - Volunteers Needed



Volunteers needed for the upcoming Hampton Gun Show 13 and 14 Oct.


Due to abuses by clubs, organizations, and some vendors, the promoter is implementing changes in the number of free tables (we get our tables for free), and the number of badges issued to each.


As it stands now, it looks like we will only be able to get 3 or 4 volunteers in each day; will probably need them to work the entire day (Sat 9-5) (Sun 10-4); and also for them to arrive prior to the show opening so they can be hand stamp, should that be the way the promoter decides to go. He's tried accepting lists from vendors/clubs for those people working their tables, but (for him), turned into a mess. I've been advised things will be different for the Hampton show, but “what” is unknown at this time.


If you can assist for an entire day, please contact Andy Romano at romanoa@cox.net or call (757) 328 4464.