Fifelsky Dominates Olympic Pin Match results


In a near perfect day at the range, Frank Fifelski took gold in the overall five gun competition as well as carbine, Minor and revolver classes. While temperatures were on the warm side, there was a nice breeze that kept the field of shooters comfortable. . None of this cooled off the intense Olympic competition at the bowling pin match. Lincoln Marcoux, who earned silver in minor, bested all shooters by a blistering 15 seconds in major to bring home the gold. And for the background story of our games, Fielding Lewis rode a fastest string of 4.54 in sub to edge out his dad, William by one tenth of a second for gold.

Thanks again to all of our shooters for coming out. The organizing committee was happy to see that we had 15 competitors for the match and that almost half of them we able to compete for the all-around title by shooting all five classes. Sorry that there was customs delays in getting the medals shipped in from the foundry, winners are welcome to as many expired pins as they like.

As important, kudos to all of our participants for coming to the range early and staying after the shooting for disassembly and clean-up of the match. Our next match, the Labor Day Bowling Pin-a-thon, will be shot on September 1st.

Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
GoldFrank Fifelski5.924.195.064.3819.55
SilverBrett Lewis5.747.194.213.8621.003.86
BronzePaul Ruffle7.776.926.936.4228.04
4George Francis8.156.297.9711.6334.04
5Dennis Bondi6.685.4310.212547.32
6Charlie Daniels6.695.96356.0853.73
7Dale Mullin5.5810.847.65579.02
8Matt Vanella9.07254511.1590.22
Carbine9David Bridges556510.0710.3140.37
GoldLincoln Marcoux4.625.547.078.2525.484.62
SilverCharlie Daniels10.3998.6212.6740.68
BronzeArt Schoner13.5813.8211.5914.0953.08
4George Francis8.4913.087.272553.84
5Frank Fifelski5.677.34457.965.91
6Paul Ruffle9.239.57252568.80
7Dale Mullin13.83511.588.6469.02
Major8David Bridges256.784511.388.08
9Fielding Lewis6.797.5453594.29
10Dennis Bondi3514.92535109.90
11Bill Lewis4511.34525126.30
12Brett Lewis25252555130.00
13Matt Vanella257.735555142.73
14Barry Barlow25553545160.00
GoldFrank Fifelski6.375.935.897.7625.955.93
SilverLincoln Marcoux8.966.618.877.1231.56
BronzeFielding Lewis13.1711.1112.9214.3951.59
4Bill Lewis10.532510.5611.3357.42
5Art Schoner2512.9114.5211.5463.97
6Brett Lewis358.08259.3777.45
7George Francis4510.4514.0535104.50
8Dennis Bondi2514.142555119.14
9Charlie Daniels35254514.99119.99
NFSMike J. Lawler354514.9945139.99
10Matt Vanella25355535150.00
11Dale Mullin45355535170.00
NFSMike J. Lawler35553555180.00
12Paul Ruffle45654535190.00
Minor13David Bridges45455565210.00
NFSMike J. Lawler35658535220.00
NFSMike J. Lawler35853575230.00
NFSMike J. Lawler65656535230.00
14Barry Barlow95854555280.00
15Mike J. Lawler45659585290.00
GoldFrank Fifelski9.26.074.645.6225.534.64
SilverArt Schoner10.6310.3811.028.4940.52
BronzeLincoln Marcoux13.9713.976.556.6741.16
4Dennis Bondi7.766.997.483557.23
5Fielding Lewis358.948.689.2161.83
6Bill Lewis9.939.463510.3364.72
7Dale Mullin7.34259.62566.94
8Paul Ruffle13.4611.743513.9174.11
Revolver9David Bridges253510.1311.7681.89
10Brett Lewis35259.9335104.93
11Charlie Daniels554512.535147.50
12George Francis35653535170.00
GoldFielding Lewis9.735.955.854.5426.074.54
SilverBill Lewis8.076.764.86.5426.17
BronzeBrett Lewis6.
4Frank Fifelski9.187.618.9910.2135.99
5George Francis12.888.398.288.1537.70
6Art Schoner9.1913.698.8613.2444.98
7Paul Ruffle7.4512.8412.9211.9945.20
8Dale Mullin13.913.6610.6213.6651.84
Sub9David Bridges14.992511.683586.67
10Charlie Daniels3510.9811.083592.06
11Dennis Bondi11.79352535106.79
12Barry Barlow55555565230.00
Five Gun AggregateCarbineMajorMinorRevolverSubTotal
GoldFrank Fifelski19.5565.9125.9525.5335.99172.93
SilverBrett Lewis21.00130.0077.45104.9329.30362.68
BronzeGeorge Francis34.0453.84104.50170.0037.70400.08
4Paul Ruffle28.0468.80190.0074.1145.20406.15
5Dale Mullin79.0269.02170.0066.9451.84436.82
6Dennis Bondi47.32109.90119.1457.23106.79440.38
7Charlie Daniels53.7340.68119.99147.5092.06453.96
8David Bridges140.3788.0821081.8986.67607.01