Columbus Day Bowling Pin Match Results

The weather was perfect for shooting and we took full advantage of it at the Columbus Day pin match. The action was furious and there were some very fast string times. One of the very nice things about today's match was that our shooters brought friends and spouses. I hope we will continue that trend and bring even more people out next month. Our next match is Novenber 3rd. See you then


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Paul Ruffle8.610.9311.5211.5842.638.6
1Mike Morton4.467.088.716.5126.764.46
2Paul Ruffle8.466.768.211.4434.86
3Joe Kelly4513.132510.693.73
1Matthew Babb4.67.487.048.2527.374.6
NFSMatthew Babb10.918.55253.447.86
NFSMatthew Babb355.944.98.954.74
2Paul Ruffle9.362511.538.9454.83
3Joe Kelly9.332513.347.5155.18
4Mike Morton6.49258.932565.42
5Bruno Gora13.3912.3910.973571.75
NFSMichael Lawler2545358.34113.34
NFSBruno Gora25552535140.00
6Michael Lawler45352545150.00
NFSMichael Lawler552510.1375165.13
NFSMichael Lawler8545658.03203.03
NFSDee Gora75557565270.00
7Dee Gora65855595300.00
1Paul Ruffle258.33358.0676.398.06
1Matthew Babb13.264.026.356.6930.324.02
2Mike Morton14.3713.476.135.4239.39
NFSJohn Harrison9.2512.5811.558.5441.92
3Mary Harrison10.28.6811.932555.81
4Paul Ruffle12.5213.542512.2463.30
NFSMary Harrison13.2314.612514.0966.93
5Joe Kelly257.694.894582.58
6John Harrison45456555210.00
NFSJohn Harrison65556555240.00