Back to School Bowling Pin Match Results

Sorry about the late results. I was out of town over the weekend and had to travel again today. Thanks to my wife Randi for scanning the scoresheets that I left on the kitchen island this morning. I also apologize in advance if you name is spelled wrong. Some of your handwriting is just awful. On to the results.

We declare Paul Ruffle the 5 gun aggregate winner because, well... he brought and shot 5 guns. Paul has won this on several occasions and I am sure he would like a little company on the firing line, so lets try to get as many shooters as we can out with all 5 guns next month. Our next match is Saturday, October 4th. See you at the range.


Match Results: 

CategoryRankShooterString 1String 2String 3String 4TotalFastest String
1Paul Ruffle9.2610.577.887.1234.837.12
2Courtney Bolze3514.35555159.30
1Frank Sanders10.477.57.745.6831.39
2Courtney Bolze8.555.8310.213.0237.60
3Paul Ruffle7.669.225.982547.86
4Terry Milteer5.994.967.043552.994.96
NFSTerry Milteer4.53459.262583.79
5Art Schoner3513.462535108.46
NFSKevin Jenson25352555140.00
6Kevin Jenson45354525150.00
7D C Covert55353535160.00
1Terry Milteer12.426.078.055.5132.055.1
2Paul Ruffle9.277.18.368.0932.82
NFSTerry Milteer6.5713.7513.267.6441.22
3Mike Lawler12.9112.118.882558.90
NFSMike Lawler357.1111.767.6561.52
4Art Schoner4512.2511.099.6978.03
5Jerry Cardwell14.28353545129.28
NFSTerry Milteer13.3256545148.30
NFSJerry Cardwell95253575230.00
6Wendy Ruffle45556585250.00
7D C Covert65757555270.00
1Paul Ruffle10.432512.5611.2459.23
2Art Schoner258.59252583.598.59
3D C Covert45253545150.00
1Courtney Bolze6.868.98.388.1532.296.86
NFSMike Lawler10.236.8110.736.7634.53
2Mary Harrison257.9412.178.4153.52
3Mike Lawler2510.5711.349.2856.19
4Art Schoner257.3912.4712.6857.54
5Paul Ruffle7.18359.218.659.99
NFSMary Harrison10.533513.429.368.25
NFSMary Harrison13.747.733512.4368.90
NFSKevin Jenson10.4525352595.45
6Kevin Jenson55258.3710.7999.16