Attention Trap Shooters! New RFID reader installed on Trap machine.

Attention Trap Shooters!  Per the decision of the ASC Board at the January Board meeting, the ASC trap machine on Field #1 is now equipped with an RFID card reader system.  The system is the same as the one installed to operate the skeet machines on Field #2, so those members who already have skeet cards can use their cards on the trap system.  Those of you who do not have a card, you will need to acquire one before using the trap system.  If you have a skeet key or have been using the trap and signed in on the logs, then you can pick up your RFID card at one of the ASC Board meetings held on the third Saturday of each month or you can mail your skeet key (if you have one) to me at PO Box 247, Courtland VA 23837 with a self-address stamped envelope, and a request for the RFID card giving your name, ASC Member number, current email address, current mailing address, and current telephone number.  If you have not been trained and qualified to use the skeet and trap machines, then you will need to make arrangements with ASC Shotgun Director, Jim Cofer to qualify, because we only issue RFID cards to ASC members that have qualified on the shotgun ranges.  You can also appear at the next ASC Board meeting and be qualified on the shotgun ranges.  Once you get a card, instructions for use are printed below.  – Tim Drewry, ASC VP

Operation of the RFID System on Trap:

You will hold the card over the INSERT CARD area on the RFID reader box and press the yellow button on the reader to put one round on the system.  It is not necessary to place the card in the holder for the reader to acknowledge the card.  The card holder on the reader is used mainly for data extraction by ASC officials because the card must remain in place until all data has been transferred.  If you require an additional round, then you will remove your card from the front of the reader and then hold it back over the INSERT CARD area and again press the yellow button.  Repeat as necessary.  The Long Range rep that manufactures the systems told me that they put the “hold, press, remove” method in place so that members do not accidently put too many rounds on the system.

          The same RFID cards are used to operate both skeet and trap ranges.  ALL SKEET AND TRAP SHOOTERS MUST STILL LOG IN THE BOOK LOCATED IN THE SKEET LOW HOUSE AND RECORD ALL ROUNDS USED!!! We compare the log book rounds recorded with the RFID system data collected for billing purposes.  Please refer to article in the December 2013 Airfield Flyer for pictures of RFID system and cards and for more information on the system.