2014 "X-Men" of the Airfield Shooting Club

Greg Metzgar's picture

The results are in and finalized. Here are the "X-Men" of the Service Rifle Matches which were held during calendar year 2014. If you're wondering what an "X-Man" is, well it is those who hit dead center on the SR-1 targets used for the Service Rifle Match. Congradulations to ASC member Cortney Bolze who is the top "X-Man" with 19 registered Xs for 2014. For the 2015 season, we would like to see some "X-Women" in on the roster! Let's go ladies!

Match Results: 

Cortney Bolze19
Bill Keplesky10
Phillip Geiger9
Michael Lawler9
Dale Mullin9
Manfred Ziege9
Jim Slee5
Blazar Lannon4
Michael Lannon4
Barton Metzgar4
Charles Boolba3
Greg Metzgar3
Greg Szalkowski3
Ryan Heard1
Gary Scholl1