2012-2013 Renewal Information

*** UPDATE March 12, 2012 ***

If it looks as though you are not receving the attachment or see a "winmail.dat" just email send an email to Chris Glaves,  secretary@airfieldshootingclub.org, and I can send another copy. A few members are experiencing difficulties when opening.


Membership renewals are now in progress for Airfield Shooting Club. Our membership year expires on March 31, 2012. The 2012-2013 membership year runs from April 1, 2012 thru March 31, 2013.

Everyone who has supplied the club with a valid email address will receive their information via email; looks for the PDF attachment. Those we cannot contact via email will receive information in the mail.

If you are intending to renew your membership with ASC, please return as soon as possible.  Renewal applications can be mailed, or submitted in person at next Saturday's Board of Directors Meeting, March 17, 2012. You may also hand in your renewal application at the Norfolk or Hampton Gun Shows on March 31, 2012. 

The club's combination locks will be changed following the board meeting on April 21, 2012.

Please complete the document and return with payment as indicated.

If you are not renewing your ASC Membership this year, please tell us why (i.e. too far travel, no time, not enough matches, range closures, etc.)  Some reasons may be beyond our control, others we may be able to work on. Please contact secretary@airfieldshootingclub.org to let us know.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Send and email to Chris Glaves,  secretary@airfieldshootingclub.org