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Gun Ban Lobby Holding Forum in Hampton on Saturday

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The Virginia Center for Public Safety & Virginians for Responsible Gun Laws is holding a "forum in Hampton on Saturday to lay out their plan to continue pushing their gun ban agenda.  They are billing it as a discussion of "targeted efforts to keep firearms out of the hands of violent convicted felons and domestic abusers, stalkers, and the dangerously mentally ill."  But we know that nothing they are proposing will stop violent felons from getting firearms.  And much of what they propose to keep "domestic abusers and the mentally ill" from getting access to firearms comes without due process protections.  They plan three panels:

Healthcare & Mental Health·   Dr. Sean Nix 
·   Chief Richard Myers, Newport News Police 
·   Josh Horwitz, Executive Director - The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 
·   Dr. Darwin Mills

Public Safety
·  Chief John I. Dixon III, Petersburg Police 
·  Commonwealth Attorney Anton Bell 
·  Rev. Dr. Gregory M. Howard 
·  Sheriff Gabriel A. "Gabe" Morgan, Newport News

Community Voices
·   Chief Terry Sult, Hampton Police 
·   Brian Hawkins M.S.W, Hampton University Promise Program 
·   Andrew Goddard, President - Million Mom March, Richmond Chapter: Board Member, Virginia Center for Public Safety 
·Ernest "Lee" Williams, Division of Social Service Child Support Enforcement Outreach Program Coordinator

The event will be held at the Hampton Convention Center, Hampton Coliseum, 1610 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666 from 1:00 to 4:00.  It's open to the public.  So, if you live in the area and have nothing better to do, might be good to stop in to get some intel on what the opposition has in store for Virginia's gun owners.

Candidates from both parties packing heat in campaign ads


Guns are becoming the prop of choice in campaign ads around the country this midterm year.Take it as another sign that the Obama administration’s gun control push is running aground: Firearms have become this year’s go-to accessory for candidates of both parties seeking to advertise their toughness and willingness to fight.

Kopel: New anti-gun strategies


To mark the tenth anniversary of the expiration of the federal ban on so-called assault weapons, the anti-gun lobbies made a surprising announcement: They are not attempting to push for a new ban. This is a smart decision, because there is more than one way to shrink the American gun culture. The “assault weapon” prohibition campaign of the last quarter-century was the most successful effort in American history to ban large numbers of guns. But, ultimately, it proved more harmful than helpful to the politicians who supported it and the groups that promoted it.

Rob Pincus Responds to NBC's Today Show Advice on Home Invasions

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Last week, NBC's Today Show had this segment over the weekend
Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyNot all of the information provided was bad, but what is getting the most attention among some bloggers and conservative media was the reference to using "wasp spray" as a weapon against an intruder.  Armed American Radio's Mark Walters discussed the Today Show segment with firearm training instructor Rob Pincus.  Rob goes over the couple of things that made sense in the segment, and spends a significant amount of time on what didn't.  He found one piece of , sleeping with your doors open so "your children can hear everything" as just plain weird. Rob did agree with gathering your family together in one place.  The clip below has Rob's thoughts on the advice provided by the NBC "expert." 

Stafford County to Consider Change to Noise and Shooting Ordinances

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There was an item on last night's agenda of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors that would authorize the county administrator to advertise a public hearing for the purpose of amending the county's shooting ordinance.  According to the background document:
The Board is asked to consider changes to the Noise and Weapons chapters of the Stafford County Code as it pertains to the discharge of firearms, pneumatic guns, arrows, and shooting in prohibited areas (No Shooting Zones). Many of the proposed amendments are technical in nature and are based on changes to the Virginia Code, practical application of regulations, and the effects of land development and urbanization in certain areas of the County. The proposed change to the Noise chapter of the County Code would clarify that the “average,” rather than the “geometric mean,” of three sound level readings would be used to determine sound levels. This measurement would apply to all activities, not just sound related to shooting. This change would make the Noise provision easier to understand and enforce.While the information provided appears to mostly changes to bring county ordinances in line with state law, VSSA has major concerns with any noise changes that would make it harder for gun owners to shoot or hunt on private property.  Gun owners just beat back a change in Sussex County that would have all but prohibited shooting on Sunday.  Additional information related to the specific ordinance language and the date of the public hearing will be posted here when it is available.

Hat tip to jfrazerlaw.com.

NRA Goes Big In Key Senate, Governor's Races


The National Rifle Association has reserved $11.4 million for its initial fall advertising campaign and will begin airing its first TV commercials Wednesday in three Senate races crucial to determining which party controls the chamber next year.

California: Governor Brown Needs to Hear Your Opposition to Four Pending Anti-Gun Bills


Governor Jerry Brown has until the end of this month to sign or veto the anti-gun bills below.  It is vital that you call, fax AND e-mail Governor Brown DAILY respectfully urging him to VETO these anti-gun bills.  Governor Brown can be reached at (916) 445-2841, by fax at (916) 558-3160 or by e-mail here (https://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php).

Fact Checker: Are gun-background-check claims true?


Last month, a group launched a signature drive for the "Background Check Initiative." It would allow Nevada voters on the 2016 ballot to decide whether all gun sales should require background checks.

More review sought in N.J. gun case


Following extensive criticism over denying a Philadelphia woman a chance to avoid a prison sentence for illegally bringing her registered gun into New Jersey last year, the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office has asked a Superior Court judge for more time to review the case.

Limits on Doctors: Guns in Home Not Relevant


In late July, a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an injunction in the "Docs vs. Glocks" case that, for a time, allowed doctors to ask people whether they had guns in their homes.

VSSA's New AR-15s for Junior Highpower Rifle Program

Virginia Shooting Sports Association -

VSSA's Highpower Rifle Chairman Mike Jamison would like to thank the many people who contributed in various ways to provide VSSA's  Junior Rifle team with new AR-15s for competition.  Using funds from the sale of the association's antique M1s, Jamison purchased two AR-15s from Rock River Arms while the team was at Camp Perry shooting in the National Matches.  Because the firearms were for our Junior team, Rock River gave VSSA a very good price.

The Firearms were shipped to Dance's Sporting Goods in Colonial Heights, VA, who handled the FFL transfer for VSSA.  Again, because they were for our Juniors, Dance's handled the FFL transfer and related paperwork at a very good price.  Bill McKaig (a VSSA Board Member and the senior coach on the team) helped pick up the guns and prepare the paperwork.
Thanks to Rock River Arms, Dance's Sporting Arms, and Bill!

8th District Democrat Don Beyer Campaigns for Gun Control

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The Washington Post has the report here.  This should come as no surprise to anyone.  When Beyer ran for Governor against Jim Gilmore in 1997, Beyer supported gun control.  He is running in the overwhelmingly Democrat 8th District so he probably figures openly campaigning to restrict our rights won't hurt him.  Gun control is the first of the "Eight Ideas" that he will take to the voters before election day.  Unfortunately, gun owners don't have a lot of choice in the 8th District as the GOP candidate also supports gun control:
Beyer is not alone in his belief that gun laws need tightening; his Republican opponent, Micah Edmond, says the U.S. should ensure that “crazy people shouldn’t have guns” and emphasizes the need for rigorous background checks.Beyer specifically wants to close the so-called “gun show loophole,”  ban standard-capacity ammunition magazines, and supports the latest scheme of the gun ban lobby - making it easier for family members or law enforcement officials to petition for so-called "gun restraining orders" on people they believe could be dangerous to themselves or others.

The other seven ideas Beyer has include employment and immigration.  Interesting how Beyer puts gun control as his number one concern when the economy and jobs tend to be at the top of voter's concerns.  In a June Rasmussen poll, gun control ranked 10th among the concerns of voters.


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