Pistol permit fee hikes prompt a sharp rebuke of Malloy

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposal to bolster state pistol permitting fees drew a sharp response from the National Rifle Association, a Connecticut-based advocacy group and top Republican officials. The Democratic governor’s new two-year budget, released last Wednesday, would increase the state portion of the pistol permit fee from $70 to $300, and of the initial five-year permit from $140 to $370. A separate background check fee would rise from $50 to $75.

California DOJ Withdraws “Assault Weapon” Regulations

As previously reported, after the California Department of Justice submitted regulations regarding newly classified “assault weapons” to the Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) for publication in the California Code of Regulations (CCR), NRA and California Rifle & Pistol Association submitted a joint-letter to the DOJ explaining the flaws in the regulations and demanding that the regulations be withdrawn or we would be forced to pursue legal action.

New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Bloomberg Gun Control Bills

  Fairfax, Va.— Today the New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association issued a statement opposing two gun control bills in the New Mexico legislature.  All 33 of the state's sheriffs now statement oppose House Bill 50 and Senate Bill 48 calling the bills "part of a national gun control agenda funded by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg… [that] would criminalize virtually every private firearms transfer in the state.”

Woman shoots man trying to rob her

A woman shot and killed an attempted robber Thursday afternoon after he and one other man tried to rob three people in her apartment. According St. Louis Metropolitan police, Jarrett Richardson and one other man entered the apartment on the 1800 block of Cass Avenue through the unlocked door and demanded money from the two women and one man inside. During the incident, one of the women pulled out a gun and shot at Richardson, killing him. The second suspect ran off and is still at large. Richardson, 20, was a Cahokia, Ill., resident.

Gun-toting Walmart customer stops parking lot fight involving knife, baseball bat

Police say a fight involving a knife and a baseball bat at an east Topeka Walmart ended when a man carrying a gun intervened. One person was stabbed in the incident, which occurred around 4 p.m. at the Walmart located at 2630 SE California. Topeka Police Sgt. Josh Klamm says a disturbance between two men – one of armed with a knife, the other with a bat – started inside the store. The altercation then spilled outside into the parking lot. A witness told WIBW News Now one of the men had gone outside to get a bat from his car when he was stabbed. The witness, who requested their name be withheld, says the stabbing victim chased the other man through the parking lot and hit him with the bat.

Accused burglar caught after homeowner pulls a gun on him

A burglar working on entering a rear slider door found himself face to face with the armed resident and took flight into the waiting clutches of police. According to Cape Coral Police, around 1:30am Friday, officers responded to a burglary in progress in the 100 block of SW 22nd Court. The resident at the home told police he had scared away a burglar from his rear lanai with a revolver as the burglar attempted to enter the rear slider door. The resident provided a description of the suspect, and a perimeter was quickly established. When an officer on the perimeter investigated a nearby dog barking, he located 20-year-old Jacob Cintra. Police say further investigation revealed Cintra to have been the one attempting to break into the house, and also that he had burglarized the resident's car before trying the house.

New Hampshire: Anti-Gun Bills to be Voted On This Week!

This week, the House of Representatives have scheduled possible votes on two anti-gun bills.  It is important that you email and call your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE House Bill 201 and House Bill 350.  

Time to license guns - for journalists

As big supporters of the Second Amendment, we have long opposed any suggestion that a license should be required to own a gun.On reflection, maybe licensing is a good idea — at least for journalists. Or at least for journalists at The Washington Post.

Arizona varmint bill goes to heart of how we view liberty

Snakes and rats beware! The Arizona state Legislature just voted to pass an amendment to state law making it legal to discharge firearms within city limits, and, by the wording of the bill, it is for specified sized pellets described as rat shot or snake shot. Though the language of the measure, and the messaging surrounding it, is somewhat humorous, the core issue it addresses is at the heart of American conceptions of liberty.

What they're saying about the Bloomberg gun control bills

New Mexico Sheriffs Speak Out Against Bills to Criminalize Virtually Every Private Firearms Transfer in New Mexico  “…bill does nothing to protect our citizens.” All 33 of New Mexico’s sheriffs oppose legislation in the Roundhouse that would criminalize virtually all private firearms transfers in the state.  They join a growing number of New Mexicans who are opposing Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 50.

Utah’s “Constitutional Carry” Bill Is MAJORLY Screwed Up

What if I told you that the Utah House is advancing a so-called “constitutional carry” bill that won’t allow citizens to carry a loaded gun. You’d call that nuts, right? Sadly, that’s exactly what we’re seeing with House Bill 112, which should be mocked as the “Israeli Constitutional Carry” bill, because it does not allow citizens to carry a firearm with a round in the chamber.

Massachusetts: New Updates on the AG Gun Ban Lawsuit

Earlier this week, the Attorney General’s office sought an extension on responding to the plaintiff’s complaint after NRA-ILA proudly announced its financial and legal support of a lawsuit challenging Massachusetts's unconstitutional ban on many of the most popular semi-automatic rifles sold and possessed.

New Mexico Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 50 Will Criminalize Private Firearms Sales and Transfers

The National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action opposes both New Mexico's Senate Bill 48 and House Bill 50.  Senate Bill 48 by Sen. Richard Martinez (D-Espanola) and House Bill 50 by Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos) would criminalize private firearms transfer in New Mexico, while doing nothing to make the state a safer place. Everywhere these so-called universal background check laws have been imposed, they cost law-abiding citizens time, money, and freedom.