‘We carry guns’: Armed judges in spotlight after Ohio attack

More judges are carrying weapons than most people realize, even though attacks on judges remain rare, surveys and experts say.The question of whether judges should be armed got renewed attention this week after an Ohio judge who was carrying a gun was shot outside his courthouse and fired back.

Washington D.C. Reaffirms its Rejection of Right-to-Carry

In an unsurprising turn, officials in the District of Columbia have decided to continue to defend their near total ban on the right to bear arms.  On Thursday, D.C. filed a petition for rehearing en banc with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in the combined cases of Grace v. D.C. and Wrenn v. D.C.  As we reported last month, the D.C. Circuit struck down the District’s restrictive handgun permitting law that required applicants to show a “good” or “proper” reason for needing to carry a concealed handgun.  Under this system, D.C. officials have denied all but a few applicants their right to carry a firearm for personal protection.  

California: 2017 Legislative Session Reconvened this Week and Still More of the Same

This week the California Legislature reconvened from Summer recess and have wasted no time in continuing to push their anti-gun agenda. Yesterday, not only did the Assembly pass anti-gun bill SB 464, but also introduced a symbolic resolution, AJR 24, urging Congress to not enact S. 446, H.R. 38, or any other similar “concealed carry reciprocity” legislation.  Please use our take action button to send an email to your state legislators respectfully urging them to OPPOSE AJR 24, AB 7, AB 424, SB 464 and SB 497.  Do not give up the fight!  Continue to CALL and EMAIL your State Legislators. They need to hear from you as we enter the final weeks of the 2017 legislative session.  

Georgia Law Enforcement Looking Into Gun Turn-in Operation

Opposed to this sensible provision, the Savannah turn-in organizers made clear they would not hand over any weapons they had collected to the police. Instead, the group would work with other groups to destroy the firearms. Reports indicate that the program collected about 30 firearms in total.

Gun Control Advocates, Cheered on by the Media, Claim Victory in Losing

Each month when I write about our right to keep and bear arms, it’s difficult to predict what the state of play will look like by the time this article hits your mailbox. This is especially so when it comes to the dizzying array of fake news from an opposition that is not only increasingly desperate but also increasingly detached from reality.  

Shoppers Get Discounts in Mississippi

Shoppers in Mississippi can save money this weekend based on some constitutional rights.The Second Amendment weekend takes place Friday through Sunday. Guns, ammunition, archery equipment and many other hunting supplies are exempt from the state's 7 percent sales tax.

Intruder shot approximately 20 miles west of town

Dispatch received a call from an unnamed male subject claiming that he had just shot an intruder on his neighbor’s property approximately 20 miles West on Highway 160 and he believed the subject to be shot.

Celebrate Mississippi's Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday!

In 2014, the Mississippi Legislature created an annual tax break on firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and certain hunting supplies during the first full weekend of September.  In 2015, state lawmakers moved the Second Amendment sales tax holiday to the last full weekend in August so that sportsmen can enjoy savings further in advance of going afield.

Utah: Gun enthusiasts oppose state's new concealed carry fee

The Utah Shooting Sports Council and National Rifle Association are mobilizing supporters to speak against the $20 increase at the Administrative Rules Review Committee meeting at the state Capitol. The meeting begins at 9 a.m. in Room 445.

Oregon lawmakers set out to repeal gun control bill

Two state representatives and a former candidate for the state House filed a referendum Tuesday that would repeal a new state law that allows officials to seize a person's firearms if they pose a danger to themselves or family members.