Rob Quist Supports Gun Control

Montanans know when politicians are talking out of both sides of their mouth and Mr. Quist is a prime example. If voters want to a Congressman who will protect their Second Amendment rights then Greg Gianforte is their only choice. We expect our Montana members and supporters to do just that in​ the special election on May 25.

Maine: Ballot Initiative Reform Legislation Favorably Reported from Committee

On Friday, May 5, the Legislative Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs voted Legislative Document 31 out of committee with an “ought to pass” report.  LD 31, sponsored by state Representative Eleanor Espling (R-65), addresses problems and concerns with the state’s current “Citizen Initiative” process.  This bill proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Maine to require that the signatures on a petition consist of voters from each of the State's two congressional districts, and the number of signatures from each congressional district be not less than 10% of the total vote for governor cast in that congressional district in the previous gubernatorial election.  Please contact your state Representative and urge them to vote in favor of this important legislation!  

Rhode Island: House Judiciary Committee Preparing for Gun Control Round Two

On Tuesday, May 9, the House Judiciary Committee will meet upon rise of the House (approximately 4:30 p.m.) to debate H.5510 by Rep. Teresa Tanzi.  This bill is disguised as a domestic violence bill and has been introduced by the one of the Legislature’s most anti-gun members.

Man fires shot during robbery attempt outside Boulder Station

A man trying to sell a ring fired a shot during a robbery attempt outside Boulder Station late Thursday, but no one was injured, Las Vegas police said. A man was meeting with a prospective buyer about 10 p.m. in the parking lot of the casino-hotel, 4111 Boulder Highway, but decided to call off the transaction when several other people showed up, Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said. When one of the parties pointed a gun and attempted to rob him, the ring seller told police he pulled out his own gun and fired a shot in self-defense. The robber and several other people fled, but no one was injured, Meltzer said. The ring seller had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Metro Lt. Chris Holmes said. The investigation is ongoing.

Liquor store employee shoots robbery suspect

A man who attempted to rob a liquor store in the 6100 block of Macon Road is dead after the store employee shot him. Memphis police say the suspect, who has not been identified, entered the store about 11 p.m. Saturday and had a handgun. He attempted to rob the clerk, who also was armed. Police say the employee pulled his gun and shot the suspect, who was transported to the Regional Medical Center at Memphis and pronounced dead. No one else was injured, and an investigation is continuing.

Victim fights off armed burglars, Glendale neighborhood shut down for hours

A Glendale neighborhood was locked down for hours as Glendale police tried to hunt down armed burglars. And while this was a terrifying scene for everyone, it wasn't as bad as for the homeowner who came home and caught the burglars red-handed. Adam Rocha takes Fox 10 through his home on Hayward Street in Glendale, recounting the moments he walked in on two burglars. He caught them as they were bagging several guns, and when one of the suspects spotted Rocha, he decided to use one of the shot guns to swing at him.

Gun-Rights Leaders Say It’s No Time for Complacency

At the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Atlanta, Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, and Alan Gottlieb, founder and vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, spoke with the Washington Free Beacon in exclusive interviews, the first part of which you can read here.

Art Student with Glue Gun Provokes Lockdown, Soul Searching at New York Liberal Arts College

On Monday evening, the campus of Colgate University – a private liberal arts school located in idyllic central New Yok State – went into lockdown over a report of an “active shooter” roving the grounds. The school would later inform the media, “At approximately 8:00 p.m. May 1, an individual entered the O’Connor Campus Center while carrying what witnesses believed was a weapon. Campus Safety initiated a campus lockdown in response to these reports.”  

Writer Sticks to Her Guns: Take This Job and…

The liberal media’s absolute intolerance to everything firearm-related has struck again – the latest victim? Stacy Washington, conservative radio host, writer and avid Second Amendment defender who lost her column simply because she supports the U.S. Constitution and the opinions of fellow conservatives.