Marion woman shoots home intruder

The Crittenden County Sheriff's Department said ADT alarm company received a burglar alarm call at a house on Marion Lake Road at 3:31 a.m. Sunday. The alarm company made contact with the homeowner, who is in her late 80s and lives by herself. They called officers in Marion and Crittenden County, who responded.

Indiana: Constitutional Carry Summer Study Concludes

Yesterday, the Indiana Joint Committee on Judiciary and Public Policy concluded the summer study on constitutional carry and other topics under their charge.  With a 15-5 vote, the committee adopted recommendations in favor of “remov[ing] hurdles that restrict the ability of law abiding Hoosiers to exercise their State and Federal Constitutional Rights to bear arms and defend themselves.”

Pair pulled guns on off-duty cop

Authorities say the off-duty Jersey City police officer who shot and killed two men Sunday night was in Newark with a friend when the duo attempted to rob him at gunpoint.

Urgent: Massachusetts Gun Ban On the Move

The Massachusetts conference committee assigned to reconcile differences between two appropriations bills containing gun control language met today.  Unfortunately, efforts are underway to pass the overreaching language that was previously passed by the state House of Representatives. Tomorrow is the deadline to reach an agreement on this appropriations bill.  Please contact your state Senator, Representative, and the committee members today and urge them to oppose this legislation! Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your senator.

NYC: Gun permits may soon come with a health warning

Gun ownership in New York City could soon come with a warning — it’s dangerous to your health.The City Council Public Safety Committee voted 6-1 Monday to require the NYPD to hand out written warnings about the risks of gun ownership to new applicants for firearm permits.

They tried to steal parts in Finley. They got bullets instead

Benton County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a suspect after an attempted burglary — punctuated by a shooting — in Finley. Sgt. Bob Brockman said a homeowner along the South 2058 Private Road SE saw several people on his property through a security system Thursday night.

Idaho man holds suspected burglar at gun point, waits for law enforcement

A Pinehurst homeowner held a suspected burglar at gun point until law enforcement arrived on scene. The Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy was dispatched to Sunset Drive on a theft call. SCSO officials said when the deputy arrived on scene the 39-year-old homeowner had caught the suspect in his backyard with his property. SCSO officials said the man held the suspect at gun point while he waited for law enforcement to arrive. Law enforcement reported the suspect was taken into custody and charged with burglary and attempted grand theft.

Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint

Deputies say Charles Thomas was held at gunpoint by the owner of the home he was trying to burglarize Thursday night. 

Victim, suspect exchange gunfire in home invasion

Police said a suspect and victim exchanged gunfire after the suspect entered the victim’s home early Saturday, October 28th near 80th and Beechwood. It happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. Police said after entering the home, the suspect ransacked the home and struggled with the victim, at which point shots were fired by both the suspect and victim. Neither was struck, and the suspect fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Attacker shot while attacking another person

The investigation shows the person shot was assaulting another person with a firearm. A third person saw what was happening and shot the assailant to stop the assault. Charges are pending against the person who was shot. At this time no charges are being filed against the person who shot the attacker.

Standing Guard | U.S. Virgin Islands Order Shows Link Between Registration Lists And Confiscation

Databases of gun owners in any form—be they firearms-owner licensing or registration, or the “universal” background checks demanded by the likes of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg—are the route to confiscation. And make no mistake, “universal” background checks are ultimately sought by the gun banners as the basis for permanent government records—morphing into universal gun-owner registration in the United States. 

Hillary Clinton tells UK students about her support for gun control

And Dafi Griffiths, Head Boy at Newent, was able to ask Mrs Clinton:“Did you share Barack Obama’s views to tighten gun control in the USA?”Mrs Clinton spoke of the vast number of deaths due to gun violence and how she was very much in support of Obama.

Indiana Panel Could Back Permitless Carry

An Indiana legislative panel could vote on whether to endorse a proposal to eliminate an Indiana law requiring a license to carry a handgun.

Lawmakers vow to ease carry rules in Michigan

Concealed carry permits need to be eliminated because they amount to an unfair “coat tax” costing legal gun owners money when a gun is hidden but not when it’s carried openly, Republican proponents say.

Massachusetts: Gun Control Bills Go to Conference Committee

Instead of concurring on the Senate version from two weeks ago, yesterday during informal session, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed gun control language identical to that which was previously passed as part of House Bill 3979, a new appropriations measure.  This is the same overreaching language that was previously passed by the House which would ban modifications commonly made to firearms by law-abiding citizens.  However late last night, the Senate rejected the proposal by passing their original language narrowly targeting bump fire stocks and crank triggers as part of Senate Bill 2194, another appropriations measure.  Because of the dispute between the two chambers regarding which version to adopt, a conference committee was appointed today to work out the differences between the two measures.  Please contact your state Senator, Representative, and the committee members today and urge them to oppose this legislation! Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your senator.

With Bizarre Comparisons, NRA Receives Global Recognition and Scorn

Given that even other Western countries don’t share the U.S.’s strong support for natural rights, the foreign press and political classes tend to treat NRA even more harshly than do NRA’s domestic foes. Some have even taken to labeling those they don’t agree with, or unsavory political elements, as their country’s version of NRA. 

Gun Banners Forward Ambitious Anti-Gun Agenda

Gun control advocates used to argue that waiting periods allowed local officials to run background checks on prospective purchasers, but that justification went out the window when the National Instant Criminal Background Check System came online in 1998. Then the argument shifted to a supposed “cooling-off” period for people who might buy a firearm in the heat of an angry moment, intending to do mischief with it. 

From Kneeling to Stepping On Freedom

Such anti-gun advocacy will almost certainly stir the ire of an already frustrated fan base who, as ratings indicate, want to keep politics out of sports.