Georgia: Campus carry attracts opinions, but no problems as school opens

This is the first school year under the new campus carry law. Gov. Nathan Deal signed House Bill 280 into law in May, allowing licensed weapons holders to carry firearms on various portions of Georgia’s public colleges and universities. The law came after years of debate between proponents, who wanted gun owners to have a layer of personal safety, and opponents who are concerned about people not in law enforcement with a gun and the consequences if they misfire. The law does not apply to private institutions, such as Emory University or the Atlanta University Center’s campuses.

California: Gun Owners Score a Win on One Gun a Month Bill

Today, gun owners scored a win in California when anti-gun bill SB 497 was significantly amended in the Assembly Appropriations Committee to remove language extending California’s one handgun a month to all guns.  With the removal of the problematic language, SB 497 now exclusively deals with the storage of firearms by peace officers in unattended vehicles.  As the California Legislature enters the final two weeks of the 2017 session, your state legislators still need to hear from you on the remaining anti-gun bills. Please email your State Senator and Assembly Member urging them to OPPOSE AJR 24, SB 464, AB 7, and AB 424.  

Americans for Responsible Solutions Claims NFA Isn’t Burdensome

Earlier this week, gun control group Americans for Responsible Solutions continued their confused campaign against the Hearing Protection Act (S. 59 and H.R. 367) with a new line of attack. This vital legislation would remove firearm suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms Act, which requires suppressor purchasers to pay a $200 tax stamp and for the devices to be registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. According to the group’s latest perverse logic, the rapid growth of the suppressor industry in recent years somehow proves that the current regulatory scheme is not burdensome and that legislation to improve access to these important safety devices is unnecessary.

Disaffected Gun Control Activist Exposes Bloomberg’s “Top-down Bureaucracy”

In a post titled, “As a Gun Violence Survivor, I Feel Betrayed by Everytown,” former Everytown and Moms Demand Action member Kate Ranta shed some much-needed light on Bloomberg’s bureaucratic operation. Despite Everytown portraying itself as a grassroots movement, Ranta explained that this representation is a façade, writing,

“Social Justice Collective” Calls for Four-Year Universities to Ban Veterans, Cites NRA Ties

It’s admittedly getting more and more difficult to separate fact from fiction these days, especially when it comes to the increasingly bizarre world of anti-gun social justice crusaders. But it is apparently true that a publication recently appeared on the campus of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) arguing that “we must ban veterans from four-year universities.” Among the reasons the author of the essay cites is that “veterans usually are associated with extremist right-wing groups such as the tea party and the NRA.”

Australia’s Pro and Anti-gun Researchers Agree, Gun Turn-ins Don’t Work

Australia is in the midst of a National Firearms Amnesty that runs through September 30. During the campaign, Australians may turn-in illegally held firearms without fear of prosecution, or in some cases register or sell unlawfully possessed firearms if the guns are eligible for civilian ownership.

Armed Robbery Suspect Shot near Trussville City Limits

Birmingham police are awaiting the recovery and release of a man from a local hospital before charging him with armed robbery. The man was shot in both legs by a person he had robbed at gunpoint.

Homeowner near 80th and Harney reports shooting intruder

Tuesday morning, Renard LeBron returned to his home near 80th and Harney Streets to find a man on the second floor, wielding a baseball bat. LeBron, 60, suffered bruises near his eyes and a knot on his forehead, but was able to defend himself as the man fled.

This shotgun-wielding Texan has no time for looters

“[I’m] protecting the community where I live,” he says. “I grew up in this area, I’m a former law enforcement officer, so I understand what the law says. If you’re looting, you’re stealing. It’s a violation of Texas law and federal law in the time of a catastrophe…Constitution says you’ve got the right to bear arms.” 

Overnight robbery ends in shootout

Metro Police are searching for a pair of men who tried to rob a convenience store but were confronted by an armed clerk behind the counter.

Yale saves fragile students from a carving of a musket

Summer brings no respite for academics committed to campus purifications, particularly at the institution that is the leader in the silliness sweepstakes, Yale. Its Committee on Art in Public Spaces has discovered that a stone carving that has adorned an entrance to Sterling Memorial Library since it opened 86 years ago has become “not appropriate.”