Fabio Defends Right to Keep and Bear Arms

In Hollywood, advocating for gun rights is more shocking than gluten and cellulite. Actors decry private gun ownership in America as “a …. disgrace,” endorse Australian-style gun bans, and generally follow the same predictable script when it comes to increased gun control.

Hysteria over gun ownership has devolved into NRA Derangement Syndrome

There is no better place on earth to be a gun owner than the United States. Let me explain that bit of patriotic fervor; I’m an Air Force veteran and fourth generation military veteran, married to… you guessed it, a veteran. Being pretty open about what is important is a crucial part of being in media, which is why as a radio host I often share that; I’m a Jesus lover, family first chick who proudly supports the NRA as a member and gun owner. Being open and out there with a social media presence was part of the reason that the St. Louis Post Dispatch asked me to “balance their opinion editorial page” by writing a weekly column last fall.

Major Gun Control Group Is Riven By Leadership Dispute

After multiple staff departures from gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety and its spinoff Moms Demand Action, activists say a top decision-maker at both groups is making life difficult for those in the movement.

Trump Jr., NRA exec campaign with Gianforte for U.S. House seat

Trump Jr. and Gianforte, a Bozeman businessman running for Montana’s open congressional seat, also planned stops at three other campaign rallies Thursday, in Butte, Sidney and Great Falls.They were joined by Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, who blasted Democratic candidate Rob Quist as a supporter of gun registration and someone who couldn’t be trusted to stand up for gun rights.

California bill would require 'warnings' update on guns

AB 1525 was introduced in February by Assembly Member Catharine Baker (R­ San Ramon), with the coauthors of the bill Autumn Burke (D­ Inglewood) and Marc Levine (D­ San Rafael)It initially made it through its first voting process on April 4 at the Assembly of Public Safety, who voted 7­-0 in favor of the measure.

Illinois: McHenry County gun store owners sound off on renewed effort for state regulations

Springfield lawmakers are making another attempt to pass a law imposing a state level of regulation on gun stores similar to the stringent federal regulations they must follow.Local gun store owners said the proposal hasn’t gotten better with age, and that state lawmakers are trying to shut them down and raise revenue for a broke state under the guise of improving public safety.

Oregon: Anti-Hunting Organizations Attempt to Hijack Bill

On Monday May 15, the Oregon Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will be voting on House Bill 2525Aand its amendments.  Sponsored by state Representative Knute Buehler (R-54), HB 2525A would modify the requirements for game meat to be donated to charitable organizations.  The NRA applauds such programs, as it is another way for hunters to contribute to the needy in their communities by providing them access to lean, nutritious game meat at minimal cost to the charitable organization.  In addition, it ensures that game meat obtained through wildlife management culls and seized by law enforcement from poachers is not wasted.     

Man pumping gas pulls gun, shoots robbery suspect on crime spree

Jackson allegedly had a weapon when he approached the victim, who was pumping gas, at the Phillips 66 on North Broadway and Grand around 7:30 a.m. To protect himself, the victim, a licensed CCW carrier, got out his weapon and shot the suspect in his buttocks, police said.

The gauzy misdirection and untrue smears of an anti-gun-rights activist

Chicago is experiencing an unacceptable level of violence. However, misguided proponents of Illinois Senate Bill 1657, the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, attempt to blame law-abiding gun and gun store owners for the violence instead of holding criminals accountable. The bill won't do a thing to stop this violence. What it will do is drive small business owners into bankruptcy due to mountains of red tape and fees.

Baltimore gun amnesty proposal includes a free ride

In jail and can’t afford to pay your bail? Well, there’s an app for that?It’s called GunBail and it works like this — for $99.After your arrest, someone contacts GunBail, offers a working firearm for bail, GunBail contacts law enforcement authorities, the exchange is made and quicker than you can say free at last the defendant is out on bail.

Washington: Inslee Signs Gun Background Check Notification Bill

The new law, which takes effect in July, requires gun dealers to notify the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, also known as WASPC, within five days of a denial. The Washington State Patrol must then incorporate that information into its electronic database, accessible to the state's law enforcement agencies.

South Carolina: Pro-Gun Bill Headed to Governor

Yesterday, the Senate passed an amended version of House Bill 3429 and the House unanimously concurred.  H. 3429 will now go to Governor Henry McMaster (R) for his consideration.

Washington: Please Attend First WDFW Advisory Committee Meeting Next Week

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has selected the members for the “Wenas Wildlife Area Target Shooting Advisory Committee” to address the WDFW’s target shooting concerns in the Wenas Wildlife Area in Central Washington,  and has scheduled its first meeting for next Wednesday, May 17.  Please consider attending this meeting to show your strong support for recreational shooting on the public lands in the Wenas Wildlife Area in Central Washington!  Meeting details can be found below.

Tennessee: General Assembly Passes Major Pro-Gun Bills

Tuesday night, the Tennessee General Assembly passed multiple NRA-backed pro-gun bills.  These bills will now be sent to the desk of Governor Bill Haslam for his consideration and your NRA ILA will keep you updated throughout the process. 

Woman rushed from bedroom with gun blazing

Two alleged robbers who were pretending to sell guns door-to-door met their match at a Lincolnton home Saturday afternoon, when a woman emerged from a bedroom firing a gun of her own. Within seconds, one of the suspects, 51-year-old Marion Palmer Yarborough, was dead and the second was on the run, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office told the Gaston Gazette. The gun-toting woman was not identified and investigators told the Gazette they believe she likely won’t be charged, because it was a matter of self-defense.

Guns for bail? Baltimore City Council considers it

Trevor Brooks, a convicted murderer who attended a Silicon Valley entrepreneurship program after getting out of prison, has an idea he thinks could reduce the rate of gun violence in Baltimore: Let people use an app to turn in guns and make bail.