Czechs take legal action over EU rules on gun control

The Czech Republic filed a lawsuit on Friday against a new European Union directive tightening gun ownership, aimed at limiting access to semi-automatic and other weapons after deadly Islamist attacks in western Europe.

Brits Vs. Guns

Will a society that has long turned its back on armed self-defense ever be able to find its way back?

Brits Vs. Guns

The British, to put it lightly, do not like guns. They don’t want guns. And, in all likelihood, they’re not going to change their minds on that point. Americans who are wondering if the Brits are on the verge of a sea change here should understand this: They’re not. Not even close. Culture matters, and the United Kingdom has shifted on this. In 1688, the right to bear arms was cherished; today, it is seen as a relic. Were a politician to run on the promise of liberalizing the gun laws, he would lose—badly. This is, to borrow a line from Monty Python, a dead parrot.

Man wounded in exchange of gunfire with robber taken to local hospital

A man who was wounded early Tuesday in Waco in an exchange of gunfire with a robber was taken to a local hospital. The robber, who was armed with a handgun, approached the victim at around 12:50 a.m. Tuesday near the Glen Oaks apartments in the 5100 block of Sanger and demanded money. “The victim pulled his gun and began shooting at the suspect,” Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

Columbus man shoots home intruder in self-defense

“The initial investigation indicates that the homeowner was confronted by an intruder and defended himself,” Lt. Greg Touchberry wrote in a news release. Because of what’s called the “castle doctrine” authorizing residents to use deadly force to protect their homes, Georgians are free from prosecution under the law if they “reasonably” believe such force is required to stop the “unlawful entry into or attack upon a habitation.”

John Stossel Interviews Gun Owners Arrested for Traveling in New York

Because of New York's strict gun laws, many otherwise law-abiding gun owners have been arrested and charged for traveling in the state with their guns or gun accessories. Reason TV's John Stossel sat down with several of those who'd been caught up in the system and the district attorney who prosecutes such cases in a video released Tuesday."Most every week New York jails someone who innocently travels with a gun legally licensed in their state," Stossel said in the video.

Gun Rights and Foster Care Restrictions Collide in Michigan

Bill Johnson’s grandfather taught him how to shoot when he was just 9 years old, and gave him his first gun — a Mossberg 16-gauge, bolt-action shotgun — when he turned 14. When Mr. Johnson joined the Marines at 17, he was issued an assault rifle. And he has carried a concealed handgun, with a permit, for the past decade.But now Mr. Johnson says he has been forced to give up carrying his gun “under duress.” The reason? He wants to become a foster parent to his grandson.

3 Stabbed Before Man With Gun Stops Robber

Two good Samaritans suffered stab wounds on Sunday when they tried to come to a woman’s aid in a Publix parking lot in Seminole. That’s when Pinellas County deputies say a third good Samaritan with a gun stepped in and put an end to the struggle without firing a shot.

New York Confiscates Innocent Veteran’s Firearms

A 70-year-old New York veteran spent months fighting to get his guns back after being wrongfully targeted for confiscation after a bureaucratic screw-up labeled him mentally ill.

Oregon: Anti-Gun Bill with Governor Brown

On July 6, Senate Bill 719A passed the Oregon House. SB 719A has been transmitted to Governor Kate Brown's desk for her signature. Please contact Governor Brown and urge her to veto SB 719A!  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact Governor Brown!

How lawmakers keep guns in the hands of the rich

When it comes to voting rights, any obstacles outrage liberals; even free government-issued IDs are viewed as disenfranchising poor and disproportionately black people. But when it comes to the right to own a gun for self-defense, liberals don't hesitate to pile on fees, ID requirements, expensive training and onerous background checks.