Washington: Anti-Gun Legislators Announce 2018 Agenda and Pre-File Bills

Even though the 2018 legislative session doesn’t convene until January 8th, anti-gun legislators have already announced their gun control agenda and have pre-filed restrictive firearm related legislation in Olympia.  In addition to two sweeping gun control bills carried over from the 2017 session, anti-gun legislators also aim to dismantle Washington’s state preemption law and ban certain firearm accessories and modifications.

With more power, Washington Democrats eye gun laws

Manka Dhingra’s win in November’s special election will give Democrats control of both the state House and Senate for the first time since 2012 during the next legislative session.With that shift in power in Olympia, Democrats are hoping to push through more progressive legislation, including aggressive new gun laws. That includes undoing a decades-old state law that keeps cities and counties from enacting their own gun laws.

Political Report: Gun Control Rebranded

For decades, gun control groups have constantly tried to change their brand names in order to fool the American public.  Their goal is to convince people that a new name equals a new agenda.  Gun owners, of course, see right through this charade every time it happens.  

No, Salon, the U.S. Was Not ‘Founded on Gun Control’

"The U.S. was actually founded on gun control. . . . If you study your history, you’ll see it.” So begins the latest attempt to rewrite the republic’s history, and thereby to achieve by revisionist “interpretation” what cannot be achieved via Article V.

Pro-Gun Women Regularly Face Violent, Sexual Harassment

In interviews with the Washington Free Beacon, four prominent pro-gun women detailed the deluge of vitriol and attempted intimidation they face. Each shared their own experience with death and rape threats as well as threats and hatred directed at their children. Each explained how they'd been forced to involve law enforcement during credible threats to their safety.

California: Reminder to Sign Up for the upcoming NRA/CRPA Hosted Webinars Regarding California’s “Assault Weapon” Laws

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 19, at 12:00 noon PST, is the first of a two-part webinar regarding California’s recently enacted “assault weapon” restrictions.  Specifically, the webinars will address options other than registration which are available to California gun owners who are now in possession of a firearm classified as an “assault weapon” under Senate Bill 880 and Assembly Bill 1135.

Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) attacks NRA

Another audience member asked about the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, a gun bill that passed in the House last week and would force each state to recognize the concealed-carry standards of every other state.

When a background check brings a rude surprise, gun buyers have options

The clerk behind the gun store counter knows “that look” on a customer’s face. It’s not a happy one when the background check comes back with a denial of purchase.“Oh, you can tell by looking at them, talking to them, they had absolutely no idea they’d be declined. When it’s a complete surprise to them,” said Chris Edwards, a longtime manager at Bass Pro Shops in Broken Arrow.

Arkansas lawmakers OK rules for Right-to-Carry measure

Arkansas lawmakers approved rules Friday for a new measure expanding where concealed handguns are allowed, rejecting concerns that it would allow students to have guns in dorms or could infringe on Second Amendment rights.

South Carolina: Permitless carry and more left on lawmakers’ 2018 plate

Four months isn’t enough time to get all the state’s business done.When South Carolina lawmakers wrapped the 2017 legislative session in May, they had approved a plan to fix the state’s dilapidated roads, including a higher gas tax, and shored up the state’s pension system.

North Dakota: Ruling Issued Approving Constitutional Carry in Vehicles

Yesterday, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem issued an opinion clarifying that the constitutional carry law enacted by House Bill 1169 does indeed allow for the carrying of loaded firearms in vehicles by law-abiding residents without needing to first obtain a firearm carry license.  Previously, when this question was raised, Representatives Todd Porter, Rick Becker, and Shannon Roers-Jones along with Senator Kelly Armstrong requested an official opinion from the Attorney General.

UK Working on New Air Gun Restrictions

Just as many American children are hoping that Santa Claus leaves them a BB or pellet gun under the Christmas tree, the Government of the United Kingdom is moving forward with plans to deliver a lump of coal to British subjects.

Delaware Court Rights a Long-Standing Wrong; Strikes Down Gun Bans

By a narrow majority, the Supreme Court of Delaware recently struck down decades-old regulations that it found conflicted with the state constitution by “completely eviscerat[ing] a core right to keep and bear arms for defense of self and family outside the home.”