Oroville intruder shot by resident

Police were called just before 2 a.m. Wednesday to the Olive Hill Retirement Community, 2921 Wyandotte Ave. The resident said an unknown man had been pounding on his door asking for assistance, according to a press release. The resident met briefly with the visitor, called 9-1-1 and armed himself with a pistol, and went back and opened the door again. According to the release, the visitor tried to force his way in and the resident shot him.

Democrat-ordered study shows gun laws are working

For two-and-a-half years, the U.S. Government Accountability Office tried to find someone on the open internet who’d sell a firearm to a person not allowed to purchase a gun. It failed.Earlier this month, the GAO released a report on internet firearm sales. From July 2015 to November 2017, its agents attempted 72 gun purchases from websites. Using a variety of scenarios, the agents told sellers that they weren’t legally allowed to buy a firearm. The sellers refused — every single time.

SAFE Act: State Police won’t charge gun owners who 'unknowingly' fail to recertify permits

State Police said the agency would not “take criminal enforcement action" against gun owners who unknowingly fail to recertify their pistol permits by the Jan. 31 deadline.State and local leaders across upstate New York have urged the State Police to delay the deadline, saying it would give gun owners more time to apply and alleviate a backlog of paperwork in county offices.

Hawaii: 2018 Legislative Session Convenes

Today, January 17th, the Hawaii State Legislature convened its 2018 legislative session.  This is the second year of the bi-annual session, meaning 2017 bills will be carried over into this year.

Washington: CPL Permit Confidentiality Bill Introduced

Last week, Washington legislators introduced an NRA-backed bill to protect the private, personal information of Washington's concealed pistol license holders from public records requests.  Senate Bill 6173, sponsored by Senator Dean Takko (D-19), and House Bill 2329, sponsored by Representative Jim Walsh (R-19), would add clarifying language to Washington’s existing Public Records Act to ensure that concealed pistol licenses, along with any supporting documentation, are exempt from public disclosure.  This proposal remains consistent with the existing law's protection of records that contain individual, personal information- just as library cards and bus pass user information is also protected.

Man Attempts To Rob Wrong Store As Cashier Pulls A Shotgun

Ahmed says he had heard about several recent break-ins around Winston-Salem and considered what he'd do in a situation like this. But he admitted thinking about it and living it are two very different things.

Man trespasses, runs from home

Police arrested a Milan man Tuesday after he allegedly tried to enter a home before being confronted by a resident with a firearm.

Arkansas prepares for campus carry

Students in campus housing at the state's public colleges and universities will soon be living with the prospect of sharing a residence with armed classmates. The state's expanded concealed-carry law raises new questions for school leaders and campus communities when it comes to housing.

Washington: Trigger Modification Ban Passes Committee

Earlier today, the Washington state Senate Law & Justice Committee passed Senate Bill 5992 out of committee with a 4-3 vote. As drafted, this legislation has overreaching language that would ban modifications commonly made to firearms by law-abiding citizens.  This bill is expected to be on the Senate floor as soon as Thursday.  Please contact your Senator and urge them to OPPOSE this legislation!  Click the “Take Action” button below to contact your Senator.