Gun Bill Struggling In Florida Senate Passes First House Committee

Rep. Lawrence McClure (R-Plant City) says the goal of his bill is simple.“House Bill 1419 restores the private property rights of churches and other religious institutions,” he said. “It narrowly amends the concealed weapons and firearms’ licensing law, and says specifically, that churches make their own decisions and may allow persons with licenses to carry firearms to carry on church property for security and protection.”

Virginia Senate passes bill to allow guns in places of worship

The Republican-controlled Virginia Senate voted Tuesday to repeal an old law banning guns — as well as bowie knives, daggers and other weapons — from places of worship.Sen. A. Benton Chafin Jr. (R-Russell) said the “archaic law,” thought to date to Colonial times, treads on the private-property rights of churches. He also said it threatens the safety of worshipers, noting the massacre of 26 people at a Texas church in November.

California firearms manufacturer moving to Wyoming

Firearms manufacturer Weatherby Inc. is relocating its manufacturing operations and corporate headquarters from California to Wyoming, marking another catch by Wyoming of a company abandoning a state that isn't as gun friendly.

Washington: Domestic violence harassment could cost individuals their guns

Mike De Felice, representing the Washington Defender Association and Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said the bill doesn’t account for due process.“This bill takes away a constitutional right of a person without coming to court,” he said. “There is no individualized determination of risk by the court.”

Indiana: Committee to Hear Constitutional Carry Bill

Tomorrow, January 24th, the Indiana House Public Policy Committee will hear House Bill 1424 to improve your ability to defend yourself.  Sponsored by Representative Timothy Wesco (R-21), HB 1424 will allow law-abiding residents to conceal carry a firearm without first needing to obtain a concealed carry permit.