Rep. Rob Bishop Introduces the "Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act"

On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced H.R. 2620, the "Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act." This bill would remove ATF's authority to use the "sporting purposes" clauses in federal law in ways that could undermine the core purpose of the Second Amendment. Under Chairman Bishop’s legislation, all lawful purposes – including self-defense – would have to be given due consideration and respect in the administration of federal firearms law.

What shooting with the NRA revealed about silencers

The instructor popped off a few rounds with a .22 semiautomatic rifle, first with a silencer and then without, before asking his loaded question. “By a show of hands, did anyone think that was silent?” Knox Williams, president and executive director of the American Suppressor Association, asked reporters gathered for his demonstration.

Public Health Researchers Use Common Gun Control Tactic to Mislead on “Children” and Guns

It is one of the most well-worn tactics of those who advocate for gun control. Step one, acquire statistics on firearms injuries among children ages 0-14. Step two, combine these relatively low numbers with the far greater numbers of firearms injuries involving juveniles and young adults ages 15-19. Step three, present the resulting statistics as the shocking number of “children” (ages 0-19) who are subjected to “gun violence” each day/week/month/year. Step four, use the disingenuous statistics to advocate for handgun bans/registration and licensing/storage restrictions.

Robber steals Macon man’s wallet, then drops it when victim opens fire

A Macon man whose wallet was stolen in a robbery over the weekend got his wallet back minutes later — after opening fire on the fleeing bandit, who dropped the wallet, authorities said. Marvin Tolbert, who was working on a truck Saturday afternoon in the 2200 block of Gray Highway north of Walnut Creek and Graham Road, told the cops that he was held up by a guy who sneaked up on him near a vacant building there.

Homeowner Shot Burglar During Break-In

Police say an Evansville homeowner fatally shot a man who was trying to break into his house. Evansville police say officers were called to the neighborhood east of the southwestern Indiana city's downtown about 4 a.m. Sunday, where they found a 25-year-old man wounded with a gun underneath him. The man was taken to a hospital, where the county coroner's office says he died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. The homeowner told investigators the man was wearing a mask and had a gun as he crawled in through a bedroom window when the shooting happened. Police say it appears the homeowner acted within the law. Police identified the man killed as 25-year-old Malcolm Tyler Payton of Evansville.

Attorney General Warns Gang Members: 'We're Targeting You'

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a warning Thursday to gang members in Tennessee and around the country, saying their criminal networks will be devastated as police and prosecutors take a stronger stance on fighting violent crime.

Guns on campus is progressive academia’s straw man

Gun control advocates frequently advise against people using guns for self-defense. But Michael Bloomberg and various anti-gun politicians often use armed guard as protection.Talk is cheap. But when a professor resigns because of his university’s concealed carry policies, that’s a story that can get national attention.

Bill to restrict youth shooting fails in Louisiana House

The proposed law would ban 12-year-old kids and younger from having access to the weapons, even in a supervised setting like a gun range. The penalties would be imposed on the adult who provides the child with the gun.

Carry Is Breaking Out All Over

State legislatures from coast to coast are working to crack concealed-carry regulations and restore freedom to their citizens.

New Zealand Police Mislead Current and Prospective Gun Owners

Back in April, NRA-ILA alerted readers to the results of the New Zealand Parliament Law and Order Committee’s “Inquiry into issues relating to the illegal possession of firearms in New Zealand,” which proposed that a raft of new gun control laws be foisted upon the peaceful island nation. Not content to see the legislative process take its course, the New Zealand Police appear eager to mislead current and prospective gun owners into thinking that the country’s existing firearms laws are far stricter than what statute provides.

Homeowner shoots intruder in Kensington

A Kensington homeowner shot a 47-year-old man who was breaking into his residence Tuesday afternoon, police said. Just before 1:20 p.m. in the 2000 block of Albright Street, the intruder was shot in the chest by the homeowner, who was not described further. The man was taken to Temple University Hospital and was reported in stable condition. The homeowner's gun was recovered by police.

Bank robber, customer shot at each other inside Key Bank branch

A bank customer and robber fired at each other Monday inside a Key Bank on Springdale Road, according to police. Colerain Township officers were called to the bank at about 11 a.m. Employees told police the robber, wearing dark clothing and a black hat, came inside and demanded money. Jim Love, Colerain Police Department spokesman, said investigators believe an accomplice waited outside.  

Man suspected of armed robbery at Dollar General shot during home invasion

A home invasion suspect who was also suspected of robbing a Dollar General was killed by a homeowner. Robert MacDonald, 26, held a knife to an employee of a Dollar General in Stockbridge while demanding money. The suspect fled the scene after jumping onto the bed of a truck that was waiting for him outside.  MacDonald jumped from the truck when officers attempted to stop the vehicle.

Michigan: Pro-Gun Bill Passes Committee

Today, May 24, Senate Bill 366, the provisional carry bill, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and will now go to the full Senate for consideration.  Introduced by state Senator Wayne Schmidt (R-37), SB 366 would establish a provisional concealed carry permit for Michiganders 18-20 years of age.  These individuals can serve in our military, work in law enforcement, and even serve in public office, yet they are currently restricted in exercising their fundamental right to self-defense.  SB 366 would fix this discrepancy. 

U.S. gun ban doesn't apply to city domestic abuse laws

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling came in the case of Alexander Pauler, a Wichita man who was accused of violating a federal law that prohibits someone from owning a gun if they've been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence "under federal, state or tribal law."Prosecutors said Pauler couldn't have a gun because he had been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence under a Wichita ordinance. But a three-judge panel of the Denver-based appeals court on Tuesday unanimously found that the federal gun law doesn't apply when the underlying domestic abuse violation is under a municipal ordinance.

Warner's inconsistency on national concealed carry ignores the facts

As a constituent of Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., I’m very disappointed in him for choosing to align with extreme anti-gun groups Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action by wholly opposing S.446 — better known as the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.